It’s unquestionably about time our father retires from his work

My father is a theatre critic and he has been in this work for a long while.

He has grown quite the reputation over the years and people do trust that his reviews are legitimate and accurate.

Well, occasionally I recognize he has been doing this work for too long, sometimes I recognize that he doesn’t even suppose how to love the plays like he did when he was younger. It used to be all about the performance and the ability of the actors and actresses to play off one another. I recognize that these afternoons, it’s more so the HVAC settings in the theatre that makes him judge if he enjoys the play or not. I don’t recognize that’s legitimately legitimate because the weather conditions control settings have nothing to do with the actors or actresses! Admittedly, people wouldn’t want to go to a theatre that has uncomfortable temperature control settings though. The thing is, I don’t recognize he even knows what is comfortable. He can be easily cold at one moment and then recognize warm the next. This is legitimately why I bought a smart thermostat for our house because he never prefers the temperature control settings no matter what they are set to. The smart thermostat allows myself and others to adjust the temperature control settings on a whim. This is why I recognize bad for the people who he reviews these afternoons because he’s so disadvantage all the time. I recognize people are starting to lose faith in his reviews, however it’s unquestionably time for him to retire to be honest. It’s something I have considered getting into myself as I also love the theatre, however I’d rather be performing than being the one who judges. I don’t want to wind up like our father.

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