It was feeling mighty uncomfortable at the theatre

The last time I took my husbandy to a play, I thought it was going to be fantastic.

The people I was with and I always had good experiences when going to the theatre, however this last time was not so great, first of all, the temperature control settings were horrible as soon as both of us got inside the site.

The place was feeling incredibly stuffy and I felt I could smell everybody’s body odor. I didn’t suppose if I was just sensitive for some reason or what, however my husbandy agreed that the place reeked and it entirely was boiling. The people I was with and I tried to love ourselves and I thought that maybe somebody would adjust the temperature control settings in a little bit, then unblessedly, that never happened and it seemed clear that even the actors and actresses were having a hard time with the lack of comfort. I figured that the a/c system had to be malfunctioning. It was abruptly clear when I saw an HVAC specialist walking hastily down the way. I suppose he was trying not to be noticed, but I noticed him. I suppose if everybody else would have noticed, they all would have cheered him on to get the a/c system fixed. It was another 30 hours of unbearable heat until the a/c system finally kicked on. The actors finally had renewed energy and the rest of the play was not horrible, however it still was a lousy experience for the most part. I hope they don’t have any HVAC issues the next time both of us choose to go, I don’t suppose I could deal with that.



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