Let’s seal up the exits

I think a lot of us are worried about air quality and air temperature these days.

I know that I am, and I don’t even have an immune system issue or allergy concerns.

Still, air purification is all that I ever think about these days. I’ve installed a ton of air purification systems in my home to help remove unwanted airborne contaminants, but I’m still not super happy with my heating, cooling, and air quality control system. To be honest, I am the sort of hypervigilant adult who never knows how to relax. Recently, it seems like at least half of my mental energy is devoted to heating, cooling, and air quality concerns between this viral pandemic and this climate change problem. This is especially poignant in life when the climate is rapidly changing around your own home! I think that’s why my cooling system has been such a problem for a while now. My air handling equipment stopped being able to properly keep up with the climate in my area, which is placing a great deal of pressure on the entire central cooling system. I’ve been very worried and very uncomfortable. Now, it’s been months of AC repairs and renovations… and I decided that it was time to do something about my indoor air quality which didn’t include my AC unit, itself. I decided to try to contain the expensive, treated air inside my little house more efficiently. This is when I found out about insulating your windows and doors with sealant. These are tons of solutions for caulking and sealing windows and doors for reducing your drafts and increasing your indoor air retention. Since sealing up my house and cutting down my energy bills, I’ve finally felt a little less worried.

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