It's no fun to supply pizzas without A/C in the car

My mom plus dad want myself and others to go to university, however I don’t think more school is the answer for me.

I don’t think I’m going to make a living delivering pizzas either, which is the task that I have now.

My mom plus dad think I should look for a better task, however I make about $72 every night plus tips. I don’t actually need more money than that to pay our bills plus have fun. I’m not particularally interested in building a immense savings account or creating a nest egg. My mom plus dad think both of these things are important. I normally use all of our money from a single paycheck until the next. It’s never been a concern until recently, when I had to maintenance the A/C in our car. I didn’t have any money in our savings account plus I had to spend two weeks delivering pizzas without any A/C in the car. It was miserably warm plus humid plus I was ready to quit. My mom plus dad gave to give myself and others a loan for the money, however I knew it would come with strings affixed. I didn’t want to listen to them complain about our task plus our lack of direction in life, even for $780. I spent every afternoon for two weeks without cool air in the car plus I fixed the A/C when I got our paycheck. I didn’t have any cigarettes or carona or weed that week, however I felt really proud when I wrote a check to pay for the A/C repair.

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