Training my employees on more about HVAC is the best decision I ever made

Managing an air conditioning company is challenging to manage alone.

When I started, I thought I would not need employees, and if I did, there would be one HVAC technician to handle the deliveries.

I was wrong, and I did hire the wrong people at first, so I ended up having a high employee turnover in the first year. Then a friend advised me the best way to keep employees is to train them and give them incentives. I wasn’t convinced, but I decided to try it. The push came about when clients started asking for more than just HVAC products for sale. Based on the different number of HVAC brands I was selling, there was a need for air conditioning maintenance and heating and cooling service. I couldn’t handle all that by myself. So onboard came a licensed heating technician and a cooling tech trainee from college. Although I was a qualified technician, I couldn’t handle much work, so I brought in an additional technician as a substitute if one of my employees got sick or was on leave. With this team, I hired a professional HVAC trainer to teach my team more about HVAC. He also brought training manuals, and we agreed on an annual training program to help my employees cope with the ever-changing demands for quality HVAC equipment. Since I started the training, I have seen a significant improvement in service delivery. In particular, my highest selling equipment like zone controlled HVAC, and whole home air purification appliances have since received fewer installation problems and repair requests. Even with the introduction of an HVAC service plan, not many of my clients request it to cover the HVAC system they buy.



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