I didn't know that it takes many licences to operate or sell an air conditioning company

Most careers appeal to people, but few take time to understand the market or government regulations.

I was one such person when I first started promoting HVAC brands as an HVAC technician.

Although I took the time to study the right course and even do market research, I failed to get the licensing requirements. Initially, I thought I only needed the business permit plus my license as an operator but turned out I was quite wrong. I hired my first employee before the first business inspection was done, and he already had his qualification license as a heating technician. Soon after hiring him, the legal inspectors came around and informed me of the need to have most of my employees licensed. They also informed me that it would be difficult to sell my air conditioning company if I had fewer licenses than the buyer. I resorted to learning more about HVAC requirements and a better understanding of all the HVAC products for sale I have in my store with the information. If I was going to provide on-demand air conditioning maintenance, sell quality HVAC equipment, zone controlled HVAC and whole home air purification products, and offer the best heating and cooling service in the region with an affordable HVAC service plan. I needed to have the best team by my side. Months later, I hired a new employee with knowledge of cooling tech and an additional manager who understands any HVAC system better than me. Three of my five employees were licensed, and I had met all the national and state legal requirements. So should I think of selling the business one day, I’ll have fewer barriers, but licensing won’t be one of them.


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