The flame sensor was covered with debris plus dust

My wife plus I were experiencing some trouble with our gas furnace.

It wasn’t quite Winter time yet, so we decided to address the issue.

Occasionally the gas furnace would light properly plus other times we had trouble. I wanted to repair the problem on our own, although I was severely busy with labor plus activities. I tried to take care of the problem on the weekend, although I ran out of time plus did not find the problem with the gas furnace. My wife called a repair supplier that following afternoon plus she made an appointment to have a repair specialist review our system components. I was at labor while we were in the repair, but our wife watched the repair specialist labor on the gas furnace. The flame sensor was covered with debris plus dust. Occasionally it senses a flame plus occasionally it does not. This was the reason for the intermittent heating complications in our home. The small section needed to be cleaned plus inspected. The repair specialist used a special tool to clean the flame sensor. My wife watched the repair specialist very carefully, so we can repeat the process in the future without calling the heating supplier. All of us acquired a small bill from the heating supplier. I was severely ecstatic that we did not have to replace the gas furnace. I spent most of our time at labor nervous that I would come condo to a giant bill plus a brand new gas furnace. Times are tough right now plus the last thing that our wife plus I need is a giant expense on heating or cooling equipment.


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