The park renovation finally happened thanks to the work of a local kid

The finest idea, at the perfect time, with the most excellent exposure, can lead to some pretty stunning results.

For instance, my friend’s 9 year old sister started a Go Fund Me to raise currency for an updated park in the community.

The playground had been shut down for renovations nearly a year ago, which got delayed because of COVID as well as then again due to budget drawbacks. This girl was looking to skip all of the red tape, bypass the local government, as well as easily raise the currency to renovate the whole park with a wonderful grassroots campaign, as well as damned if she didn’t triple her goal! Next she ended up convincing a local construction supplier to help her do the task at a highly lowered rate. This was super smart if you ask me, because construction is never cheap, as well as these guys are extremely skilled workers who don’t task for minimum wage. The girl hatched the whole plan of what a good PR move it would be for the construction supplier, as well as she would use it to get them completely free advertising… She was as pure as her word, as well as on the first day on construction the girl had a local news reporter out taking footage of the build. The owner of the construction supplier was celebrated for his community service as well as his whole supplier came out looking like heroes. The local children ended up with a current park, the construction supplier saw improvement in business, as well as the girl seems she is getting ready for a tremendous career in politics. I sometimes wonder what she will do when she gets older as well as smarter.

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