Having an uncle who is a handyman pays off often

Having to fix things around the house can be hard work and a lot of time.

Sometimes we have more natural talent with tools than others, but planning and some knowledge goes a long way when working on the house.

Hot and cold temperatures, humidity and weathering can erode and damage stuff in the house. Air conditioners, heaters, furnaces, pipes, shingles, windows and many other things can get damaged and may need repair. Having the ability to do something yourself is great, and avoiding hiring a company saves money. When a friend or family member can help you, don’t hesitate to take advantage of that help! My uncle just moved into town and it turns out he was a handyman for the last 5 years. Time has flown by and he’s got a new job as of recent. He worked on air conditioners, heaters, plumbing stuff and much more. I worked on cars and used tools often. My uncle and I got together to fix up the new house I got. Uncle Joe helped me fix my HVAC, stove, fence and my pool pump. I was happy and thankful to have such a handy uncle, he helped me learn about heating and cooling, electrical work and much more. I planned and worked smarter after some guidance from my uncle, we stayed up one summer night to fix my air conditioner and he taught me a lot. I was worried about spending money on home repairs, I was able to fix some but having a family member in the trade is priceless! I told my Uncle I owed him one, he had a hot ticket to a helping hand.

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