I care about laboring the third shift – unless Heating & A/C breaks

I guess a lot of people who know that work is a social time… So several of our co-workers have reported into the task each day acting as if they were being paid to walk around plus shoot the shit with her co-workers, honestly, I cannot understand this way of thinking whatsoever, but as someone who wants to efficiently get our work done plus get on with our day, it is baffling why people would try to combine their social lives with their biweekly work tasks.

This is why I care about laboring the third shift as often as possible.

When I go into the office in the middle of the evening I am the only person on staff. This means I have the location entirely to myself. I do not have to worry about people uselessly chit-chatting. I also do not have to worry about negotiating over the control component controls. I realized a long time ago that it’s seriously comfortable to be the one in charge of the heating plus cooling device in the office, for once, I do not have someone chilly myself and others with overabundant air conditioning. I certainly care about having full dictatorship over the indoor air temperature plus air quality for those 8 hours that I’m alone at evening. That is, unless the heating plus cooling plan is broken when I arrive; Last year I showed up for our task plus found that the control component was completely turned off. The heating plus cooling device had failed at some point in the day plus nobody bothered to arrange an Heating & A/C repair appointment before I showed up for our shift. Then, I got to stand in the office chilly our butt off plus trying to find emergency Heating & A/C repair services in the middle of the evening! My heating plus cooling repair cost was higher than it needed to be plus I got nothing done for our entire shift.

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