HVAC is getting complicated

I know a lot of people who are determined to find the newest, greatest technology on the planet whenever they make a single purchase.

I don’t understand where they’re coming from, to be honest with you. I think new inventions are great, but the tried and true methods cannot be replaced for reliability and durability. I guess I’m just a traditional sort of guy. This probably explains a lot about my life, all the way down to my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system… and current issues with choosing a new heating, cooling, and ventilation program. For the past several years I suspected that my central heating and cooling equipment was going to break down. I had weird sounds coming from the forced air furnace and air conditioning system as the indoor air temperature control devices kicked into gear. A few weeks ago, the entire temperature control program broke down on me, which was horrible. But I had no idea how confusing things were about to get. This is when I started learning about the newfangled heating, cooling, and air quality control systems that are in every HVAC dealership today. I have never known anything outside of forced air centralized heating, cooling, and air quality control devices. But, apparently there is an entire world of air quality and air temperature management systems that I never heard of. If you are not a big fan of forced air heating, cooling, and ventilation… You might want to consider radiant heated flooring if you were unhappy with your forced air method of heating. If you’ve never heard of them, evaporative cooling systems are making a comeback on the HVAC Market. If you hate using any energy whatsoever, look into heat pumps for your family. I’m terrified of them all, but these brand new



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