My one doctor had a uncomfortable indoor temperatures

I sweat and I shiver, depending on the moment

Do you ever feel like life is one long string of inconveniences and challenges? I do, then if you recognize the same as me, being a grown up and handling minute problems are some of the worst pieces of life. Recently, I have also been dealing with annoying numbers of doctor appointments, but ever since I started feeling under the weather last year, I’ve seen every practitioner in the area, but for me, the doctor appointments are the most uncomfortable job of them all. It’s the HVAC control system that I blame. My normal Primary Care Provider has an uncomfortable doctor office. Every time I have to go visit them to get a new referral I expect the uncomfortable temperature control settings. But that doesn’t make the situation any better. In fact, the heating and cooling settings are so HVAC that they make me want to flee, the fluctuating indoor air temperatures make genuinely no sense to me or our indoor air temperature control experiences. I hire heating and A/C tech, they get rid of the uneven indoor air qualities and everyone is comfortable. In this office, I always try to prepare for the uncomfortable visit by dressing in various layers, but nothing will offset the hot and cold temperature swings or horrible control device settings. Every time I walk inside I am freezing cold before I am burning hot and right back to freezing again. I sweat and I shiver, depending on the moment. I count down the hours until I can leave, but at least, when I get back home every time, my own heating and A/C never felt so good.


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