Loving my stationary bike

A couple of years ago, my husband gave me a stationary bike for Christmas.

I was absolutely thrilled with the gift.

Fitness is super important to me, and I workout every single day. Living in the northeastern part of the country, our weather is often severe. The winters bring sub zero temperature, approximately fifteen feet of snow and cold weather for around eight months. The spring and fall seasons are often chilly and rainy while summers are hot and humid. Whenever possible, I like to head outside for a run or a bike ride. When I’m confined to the house, my workouts are rather limited. I have a yoga mat, free weights and a jump rope. Adding the stationary bike to my home gym was a game changer. The bike gives me the opportunity to rest my joints. It features a touchscreen display that is very easy to navigate. I can set the goal of my workout to achieve a specific time, distance or number of calories. I’m able to choose between all different styles and intensity of workout programs. To make increased effort, I can raise the resistance level or simply pedal faster. The stationary bike has a built-in fan that helps to keep me cool and the seat is very comfortable. I can listen to music and read while I complete my workout. Working out on the stationary bike is so enjoyable that I sometimes feel a bit guilty. However, I am always drenched in sweat at the end of it. I typically pedal for an hour and burn around 400 calories.

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