Getting into jump roping for a workout

The better ropes have allowed me to increase my speed and abilities.

A couple years ago, I decided to incorporate jumping rope into my regular workouts. I was well aware of how beneficial jumping can be. It works to burn a tremendous amount of calories in a relatively short time. It also rapidly increases stamina and targets the health of the heart and lungs. Jumping rope engages a wide variety of muscles and requires skill and endurance. However, I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a very young girl. I bought myself a leather jump rope with weighted handles and started practicing. At first, even the basic jump was challenging. I continually stepped on the rope, got smacked in the legs or tangled in the rope. I couldn’t jump more than a straight minute without becoming exhausted. I was determined to get better and kept at it. I worked on improving my form and increasing the pace and duration of the workout every day. It didn’t take long before I was able to add new skills to my repertoire. I now sometimes jump for half an hour without taking a break. I can run with the jump rope, jump on one foot and complete crossovers and double-unders. I’ve worn out and broken two leather jump ropes and moved on to a higher quality rope system. This new system includes synthetic ropes of different weights that attach to a single set of handles. The better ropes have allowed me to increase my speed and abilities. I like the ability to utilize a variety of weights. The heavier ropes rotate much slower and better work the muscles in the shoulders. The lighter weights are better for concentrating on stamina.

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