Adjusting my fitness routine as I get older

I’ve always made an effort to workout and eat healthy.

However, I never had to really worry about my weight until I reached my mid forties.

All of a sudden, my regular diet and fitness routine weren’t sufficient. My metabolism must have slowed down with my age, and I put on a few pounds. I wasn’t happy with this at all. I’d also noticed some digestive issues. I could no longer eat the same types of foods without feeling bloated and sick. I needed to increase my level of commitment to my overall wellness by quite a bit. I decided to cut all meat, coffee and fast food from my diet. I significantly increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I now eat a banana for breakfast and drink a fruit smoothie for lunch. For dinner, I most often have a salad. I include a wide variety of vegetables, nuts and even tofu, raisins, cranberries and quinoa into my salads. I’ve doubled the amount of time I devote to exercise. I now spend at least an hour and incorporate all different types of training. I am more conscientious about a proper warm-up and take extra time for stretching. Along with approximately a half an hour of high intensity cardio, I lunge, squat, lift weights, and do lots of abdominal exercises. I make sure I’m breathing hard and drenched in sweat at the end of every workout. While my peers have gained weight, slowed down and dealt with medical issues, I’ve been able to stay fit, strong and healthy. It takes work. It requires a lot of determination, time and effort, but I am certain that my long-term happiness and quality of life are worth it.


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