Enjoying bike riding as a workout

When my husband and I both retired from our jobs, we moved south.

We were both ready to get away from extremely long winters.

We’d had enough of temperatures well below zero and endless snow accumulation. As someone who makes fitness a daily part of her routine, I was frustrated with being forced inside for my workouts for the majority of the year. The weather was rarely warm or dry enough to run, bike or do anything outside. We now live in an area where the temperature never falls below freezing. While the weather might get a bit chilly in the middle of winter, we don’t ever get snow. As a surprise, my husband bought me a bicycle. My bike has a basket on the front that is the perfect size for purchasing a few groceries. I have a spot where I can attach my phone to the handlebars and a wireless speaker so that I can listen to music while I ride. The bike is a cruiser which allows me to travel on pavement and dirt roads with no problem. Riding the bike is my favorite way to work out. The seat is comfortable and I get to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. There is a paved bike path in close proximity to my house that extends for sixty miles in either direction. The path doesn’t allow motorized vehicles, winds through the woods and provides awesome scenery. I vary the intensity of the workout by changing gears or pedaling faster. I sometimes bike to the park where I’ll spend a little time doing lunges, ab crunches or push ups before heading home.

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