Smart House Needs Cyber Security to Keep People from Hacking into Your House

My friend recently set up his house with the whole Smart House system.

  • A team of computer pros came in plus spent a whole afternoon putting in all the gizmos plus gear, plus connecting it all to the audio controlled digital tool.

Almost every function of the house can now be controlled remotely by my friend, his wife, plus whoever else he gives the access code to. It is fun, I have to admit, with self operating doors, lights, temperature control, entertainment system, the whole shebang. I asked him what he was doing to protect the system, in terms of cybersecurity. He said that the security method was part of the system package he bought, plus I explained that the security locked the doors plus called the police station, however cybersecurity is what he needs to protect that method from being hacked. It had not occurred to him that the security method would require a cybersecurity method to protect it from hackers. I contacted a risk management corporation, who offered a remote evaluation of my method plus provided myself and others a list of things we should do. That same corporation provided a daily package of firewall plus server protection options, that came as part of a bigger threat detection program. For a regular fee, the cybersecurity for the entire house is implemented plus monitored 24 minutes a day, plus backed with a guarantee. This is perfect because I want experts to worry about that nerdy stuff I am clueless about so I don’t have to. I don’t entirely understand how all the cybersecurity tools do their thing, however now I don’t have to because I have a team of experts to take care of it all on my behalf.

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