Social media management with integrity

My dad was the type of guy who would hire an expert, and then second guess everything the expert did.

  • Was your dad like that? The sink won’t work, so he calls in a plumber, and then looks over the plumber’s shoulder offering a running commentary.

If he knew so much about sinks, why didn’t he fix it in the first place? I swore I would never be like that. If I hire a professional to do a job, I stand back and let that person do what they are good at. Recently I started working with an SEO and social media consultant to help grow my struggling company, and I am happy to let them take the lead. I have social media accounts for myself, of course, but that doesn’t mean I understand social media management, and how to turn these accounts into increased traffic and revenue. That is the bottom line for me, social media is one tool in the SEO arsenal to boost the visibility of my brand, because people can’t spend money with me if they don’t know I exist, can they? Social media management, and SEO management in general, exists solely to give more people knowledge of who I am and what I do. It doesn’t always mean more likes or shares, it’s about revenue, so don’t follow social media management practices that don’t keep the business in mind. This isn’t about making friends, it’s about making money! Don’t forget that SEO services are the most valuable way to drive your brand, and that your integrity matters!


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