Social media engagement is important

If you want to succeed, you have to be creative.

  • This is true in all walks of life, I cannot stress this enough.

If you follow the same path as everyone else ,you will wind up in the same place as everyone else .If you want to stand out, to be exceptional, you have to do something different than everyone else. What does that look like? You have to be creative, to tweak something that exists to make you just different enough for people to notice. Once you have their attention, it’s game on! What I love the most about social media management is how you can translate any idea into traction for your clients. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, what I do is very creative and reactive, and requires you to act in the moment. When you get a comment, just saying sorry and giving a link is one option, but you can turn any comment into a change to boost your brand and raise your SEO. Sometimes this is with a funny comment, sometimes it is with free promotional items, the skill of internet marketing is playing each situation the right way. I work for a web development company, and we handle all kinds of different services. As an account manager, I am very hands on with social media management and the daily posting for any individual day. The key factor to effective social media management is “engagement” you have to capture people’s attention and engage them, before you can move on to the profitable part of the process.

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