Securing more than one place at a time

My partner plus myself have spent a huge majority of life in this Northern area of the country.

We have easily dealt with freezing temperatures that rapidly change plus lots of snow.

In this local area, it is not very typical when temperatures are dropping to very low amounts. Our annual snow accumulation is somewhere around 12. My partner plus myself had enough of the awfully terrible Winters plus decided it was time to move down south. Both of us divide our time equally between the more than one residences. It is easily our goal to care about the best weather inside each location. Both of us willingly look to avoid high heat plus indoor humidity. We remain in the northern area from the middle of May until the beginning of November. We sometimes have difficulties with moving from one place to the other. I regularly worry about the troubles going on at the empty place.I was feeling anxious about break-ins, fires, and also floods. I was regularly worried and decided the best thing to do was perhaps have some type of detector installed. Every one of us have carbon monoxide detectors, humidity sensors, plus even alarms. Our major security plan includes surveillance cameras that even Supply great views of the area located by the front porch. There are alerts sent directly to my phone or PC and I can watch real-time video when there is an alert. There has been no real security threat so far, but every one of us believe this is due to the security and alarm system.


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