Trip to Ocean Means I Need a Wax

I was thinking I wanted to get a Brazilian wax prior to going on holiday.

My friends as well as I had been planning a trip to the beach all Winter season long.

Both of us couldn’t wait to get our of college classes for Springtime break as well as head to the ocean. When you live in the north, it seems as if you spend 95% of your Winter season in sweats and leggings. You wear whatever is going to keep you warm as well as comfortable. I shouldn’t admit this about myself, but I don’t even shave my legs between Thanksgiving and Easter. Now that going to the ocean is becoming a reality, I need to get ready for my modern swimsuit. I called several of our local spas, however none of them have people on staff who can wax anything other than your eyebrows. I wanted a complete waxing. They told me to go into the city. While looking for a salon that was qualified to do Brazilian waxing, I found a website that gave a recipe for wax made with sugar. It had the directions for the entire procedure for how to complete your own sugar waxing from home. The recipe called for sugar, water, lemon juice as well as essential oils. I decided to try my Brazilian wax in the privacy as well as comfort of my own four walls. I had the sugaring agent prepared, as well as it was cooling. I thought I was ready to do the first linen strip, but I thought about the pain that came with waxing. I suddenly became too nervous to inflict that pain on myself. I had a single strip in place over the sugaring. I washed off the cloth strip, as well as called the salon in the city and arranged an appointment for a Brazilian wax for the week before all of us were heading to the ocean.