Make Sure Your Esthetician Has a Waxing Certificate

I had been getting my waxing done from the same salon for as long as I can remember.

When I heard about sugaring, I thought it sounded great.

I wasn’t sure if my local salon offered this service, so I called my aesthetician. I asked if they offered sugaring or if they only did waxing. The receptionist told myself and others they sugaring requires an aesthetician with a certification to offer the sugaring process at the salon, and they did not yet have one. I was a bit saddened thinking about going to a salon other than my regular one where I felt comfortable. I didn’t want to go to someone I did not know at all. Getting your body waxed was a truly personal experience, as well as I trusted my person. I was hoping she could do the sugaring for me. Now that I knew I would have to go somewhere else where they had a certified sugaring person, I was having hour guesses about the sugaring process, but I was really wanting to get it done at least once. I called a salon that my colleague likes, as well as they told myself and others they had enough sugaring certified aestheticians on staff, so I booked an appointment. I was excited, however still wary about coming to a different salon for the waxing. Everyone looked nice enough when I walked into the salon. I looked around for either little rooms or booths, hoping this was going to be a private adventure, not done out there in the open. When they called over a young woman who was simply washing someone’s hair, I was a bit taken aback. She told myself and others she would get this hair washed and then be right with me. I walked out without saying anything. She may have been qualified, however it uneasy myself and others that she was a shampoo girl, as well as I saw nothing hanging on the wall to prove that she should be waxing anyone.