There is no way a food delivery service food can taste as good as mine.

My husband kept saying that he wanted to try one of these meal delivery services, but I wasn’t so sure. The first thing that had me put off with the meal delivery service was the cost. I couldn’t believe how much it cost for three meals for two people. The initial lower cost wasn’t too bad, but after that, it was outrageous. The packaging that goes with meal delivery services is a necessity, but once you unpack, what do you do with that huge styrofoam box and all the dry ice. I told my husband I didn’t know where we were going to recycle that type of packing. He insisted that all he wanted to do was try it, and I was running out of excuses. I finally told him that there was no way a meal delivery service could offer food that tastes as good as mine. He told me I was an excellent cook, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to try something different. I gave up and helped him to order his first box. When we read through the description, they said about recipe cards being included in every box. Now, I was the one who was excited. Since they included actual recipe cards, I would be able to make the recipes he had chosen from the meal delivery service, any time he said he was hungry for it. I now have a couple of really good vegan recipes, and a great recipe for Kung Pao cauliflower. I also found out that with a little bit of change, the heavy styrofoam makes a nice sprouting box.


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