My hubby wanted me to call his brother, but I found a coupon

My hubby’s brother is a heating plus plumbing worker, and he works for a supplier in city that is known all over the country, but the supplier has offices in lots of odd states, my hubby constantly calls Chet when there is a concern with our heating equipment.

The concern is that I don’t recognizably like Chet.

The guy is constantly rude plus obnoxious; I hate his attitude or his racist comments, but when the many of us are alone together, I feel sad plus strange. He constantly stands absolutely close plus it makes me feel nervous. When my hubby advocated that Chet come to the apartment to repair the heating equipment, I told my hubby that I was going to find a odd supplier. My hubby instantly demanded to know why I didn’t want his brother to help with the repair. I told my hubby that both of us don’t get a discount when Chet comes to help, so there is no reason not to look for a cheaper service. Thank goodness my guy let the conversation go at that. I wasn’t prepared to deeply dive into a conversation about the awkward feeling I get in the pit of my stomach. I found a couple of odd places online plus I was lucky that 1 of them had a 15% off coupon for any repair service. I happily called the heating supplier plus made an appointment on the same day. I had the oil furnace fixed before my hubby came apartment from work. He did not say anything about using a odd supplier when he saw the savings.

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