I hate sharing an beach house with my brother

I had to transport into my brother’s beach house a couple of weeks ago.

My bestie and I got into a large fight and both of us decided to cut up, every one of us were living together at the time and I needed a site to stay.

My brother lives a few miles away from my task, so I thought it would labor out nicely, unfortunately, my brother and I do not unquestionably agree on most things. I knew he smoked weed, but I did not believe that he smoked in the house. I was a little disappointed when I saw all of the paraphernalia on the table in the living room. I had my own room, so I did not recognize it would be a giant deal as long as I spent most of my time in the living room. Unfortunately, the aroma of weed is all over the apartment. It travels through the HVAC duct and stinks up the site; All of my clothes and my linens aroma like reefer. It’s a unquestionably disgusting and awful aroma. I talked to my brother about the aroma and he suggested buying an indoor media air cleaner for my living room. I was hoping he would start smoking in his room instead of the house, but I believe I got my answer. I legitimately do not want to sink a couple of hundred dollars into an media air cleaner when I do not plan on staying here for a long time. If I do not have superb indoor air quality, I will be a lot more motivated to get out of this dump. I care about my brother and I am grateful for a site to stay, but this beach house is a hot mess.


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