I hate sharing an apartment with my brother

I had to move into my brother’s apartment a couple of weeks ago.

My girlfriend and I got into a huge argument and we decided to break up.

We were living together at the time and I needed a place to stay. My brother lives a few miles away from my job, so I thought it would work out nicely. Unfortunately, my brother and I don’t really agree on most things. I knew he smoked weed, but I didn’t know that he smoked in the house. I was a little disappointed when I saw all of the paraphernalia on the table in the living room. I had my own room, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal as long as I spent most of my time in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the smell of weed is all over the apartment. It travels through the ductwork and stinks up the place. All of my clothes and my linens smell like reefer. It’s a really disgusting and awful smell. I talked to my brother about the smell and he suggested buying an indoor air purifier for my bedroom. I was hoping he would start smoking in his room instead of the house, but I guess I got my answer. I certainly don’t want to sink a couple of hundred dollars into an air purifier when I don’t plan on staying here for a long time. If I don’t have great indoor air quality, I will be a lot more motivated to get out of this dump. I love my brother and I am grateful for a place to stay, but this apartment is a hot mess.


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