Deciding to upgrade to a mini split HVAC system

My wife Stacy and I just purchased an older home.

We had an HVAC specialist come out and look over our home and HVAC system as we wanted to upgrade the unit.

We had an older system with limited existing ductwork through the home. After explaining all our options we decided to do a little research on our own. We ultimately decided to go with the mini-split units. As we had little to no ductwork and did not want to add any which would have been cosmetically unfitting for the design of the house. The system also allowed us to add multiple smaller units in high traffic areas of the home. We decided to add four units, three downstairs and three upstairs with one main outside unit to start with. Although the installation would be a more expensive option, the ability to add on the units once we got a feel for the efficiency of them was an added bonus. We also had to have the unit installed by a professional HVAC specialist. The mini-split units are smaller and blend in with our home decor. They are also quiet and more energy efficient than most other options on the market. We are just glad that we had budgeted the cost of the unit when we put our offer on our home. We did not want to settle for a different model. Always consider your options not just by cost but by how your home is set up certain models work better with certain homes.
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