Office HVAC issues.

Most days while working at my company’s main office is comfortable.

That is until the boss decided to put a lock on the thermostat to try to cut costs.

We tried to convince to upgrade to a better thermostat, but he would not listen to us. So my office is located in a normally warmer environment so we usually rely on our AC unit for the majority of the year. If it got a little chilly we would just put a lite sweater on to keep the chill off. Then mother nature decided to throw a wrench in the weather pattern that took everyone off guard. Not only did the temperature outside drop we also had no way to adjust the temperature inside the building to a warmer climate. We contacted the boss as he was on vacation, to try to locate the key to the thermostat. Much to our dismay he had no recollection of where the key was. As the temperatures continued to drop outside the inside was starting to get colder also. We sat at our desks in winter coats and gloves trying to save our body heat. The boss called back when he realized we were in a deep freeze and got worried about the damage that could happen to the building. We ended up breaking the cover off the thermostat and turning the heat on. The next day a HVAC specialist came in and installed a brand new voice activated thermostat that the boss had ordered.