Landlord updates to radiant heated floors; now we can’t afford

Several months ago my landlord surprised both of us when he announced that there would be a team of heating, cooling, and ventilation specialists coming into the apartment to make some big changes.

Don’t get me wrong, the indoor air quality has never been anything to write home about in this space.

I’ve never thought that the forced air furnace or air conditioning system that I’ve been using was in amazing shape. It definitely isn’t very energy efficient and it produces a lot of fluctuating hot and cold patches throughout the apartment. That being said, I really did next back to that my cheap landlord would ever consider a full heating and cooling system overhaul. When I had mentioned hiring a heating and cooling technician for even a typical maintenance appointment, he had scoffed at me in the past. Now, he told me that he was going to replace the entire central heating and cooling set up with a brand new plan. Namely, we were going to have radiant heated flooring installed throughout the entire apartment. I was blown away with this new heating information. I have always wanted radiant heated floors in my home but I know how expensive the alternative heating device is. Still, I was thrilled to stay in a hotel while the heating and cooling technician performed the intensive heating system upgrade. I couldn’t wait to have amazingly comfortable and energy efficient heating all winter long. Unfortunately, after my landlord updated the heating system to radiant heated floors, he also updated the rent for the apartment. Now, there are heated floors in the space, but I can’t afford to live here anymore.

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