I didn’t remember where I put our box of air filters

Sometimes I can be particularly forgetful.

This happens often when I order random packages and try to remember appointments for things. When I get packages like air filters in the mail, I often will venue them under our bed or put them in the garage. I end up putting things in random venues and then I forget were I put them when I need them. I was frustrated when I went looking for the air filters recently because they were nowhere to be found. I thought I looked everywhere and I ended up going to the hardware store to choice up some air filters. I usually get HEPA air filters online because I can get them for a enjoyable price that way. I wasn’t too blissful about having to go to the hardware store, but at least I had the HEPA air filters. I felt better when I changed the air filter, but then I could have kicked myself when I found the air filters. They were under our bed along with a bunch of other things I had been looking for. I unquestionably do wish I wasn’t so forgetful all of the time, but it’s something that I can’t unquestionably help. I hope it doesn’t get worse over time although I guess that would likely happen with old age. I suppose I’m going to have to learn how to become better organized and have a venue for everything. I should entirely keep things like air filters in the garage next to the Heating and A/C equipment instead of under our bed. That would make sense.

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