What was a call to the wrong number ended up in an Heating and A/C update

I was surprised when I got a particularly odd voictext from some unknown caller.

They claimed that I had called about some Heating and A/C service and to provide them a call back, however when I called they asked if they were speaking to Frank Gelato, and i told them that was not myself and others and they apologized. They did ask myself and others if I was interested in upgrading our Heating and A/C idea though. I was unsure and then they started telling myself and others about all the weird Heating and A/C systems they had which were all highly energy efficient. They said if our Heating and A/C idea was over 15 years of age, it would be a enjoyable idea to go for 1 of their Heating and A/C idea updates. I truthfully had no intention of speaking to an Heating and A/C professional to get an Heating and A/C idea update, but somehow I managed to do just that because they called the wrong number. They ended up sending an Heating and A/C professional over to our venue for the free consultation and it was unquestionably the real deal, they were a legit Heating and A/C supplier. I ended up getting our Heating and A/C idea updated to a ductless mini split. I had heard good things about these Heating and A/C systems and it’s tplot that they are 1 of the best types of Heating and A/C systems to have installed in our home. I have been enjoying the energy savings and the Heating and A/C zone control, however you might be surprised how much cash you can save on the energy bills when you only have to be thinking about heating and cooling particular parts of your home.

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