Have the time to get a heating tune up

I will admit that I love being home due to COVID.

I am not a social person by any means.

It used to be annoying meeting my friends for a drink, running errands and going into the office. Because of the virus, I can just be home all the time with a good excuse. I love working totally online. I can wear my PJs and save time on my commute. I also have tons of time at home to do things I wouldn’t normally. I have gotten my house really clean, did some outside work and I even painted one of my rooms a new color. I just have the extra time and while I am home, I might as well be productive. I also think I am going to get a winter heating tune up for once. I never have the time to call a HVAC provider and get a professional in. I also never could match up schedules with a HVAC serviceman. They always wanted to meet during the workday and I couldn’t. I am totally at home during the workday, I can easily schedule to have a repairman come in. I want the guy to do everything to my heating system too. I want it oiled, tightened and lubricated. I also want to get ductwork cleaning. I have the money and the guy can stay as long as he wants. There aren’t many people calling for heating service either, so I can get any appointment a day and time that I like. The HVAC provider is also doing a sale on the tune ups too. It is like fate, I am telling you!

AC filter

They were actually quite safe to call

Thanks to COVID I have been scared to do stuff the way I normally do.

I used to make a big day of running errands.

I would go to the store, drop off bank deposits, get gas and stop at the local produce stand. Now I can’t do any of that stuff due to restrictions and social distancing. Thankfully most services are now online based. I can get my groceries delivered for a small fee. I moved to online banking, don’t need gas anymore and I have even found a way to mail packages safely. For a while it looked like I wouldn’t have to come in contact with anyone. Recently my air conditioner decided to act up. It began making loud noises and threatening to quit on me. I never thought about bringing people into the house until my air conditioner was dying. I was extremely nervous to have a HVAC technician come in. What if I get COVID? What if I need the HVAC professional to come back multiple times and it is a different guy each time? The HVAC business I found did virtual consultations. I took a video of my cooling equipment and sent it to the guy. For no charge he deduced the air conditioner repair. I made the choice to take a risk to have the guy perform the service. Since he knew what was wrong, he had the replacement part ready. The guy was also in a full on suit covering all his skin and I watched him sanitize his tools. The whole repair didn’t even take an hour and he cleaned everywhere he was afterwards. I was so relieved!

a/c installation

I can't believe no one called about the AC

My roommates are some of the laziest guys that I have ever known.

We got stuck living together in a college housing situation.

I didn’t know any of these bums until a few months ago. They could be cleaner and they could be nicer, but I’m forced to deal with them. We were all up for breakfast this morning when the AC stopped working. The machine made a loud screeching sound and then the AC didn’t blow any more cold air. I was running late for work at the library, but I told my roommates that somebody needed to call the maintenance shop to get the AC in our apartment fixed. I assumed that I would come home from work and the problem would be magically gone, but the AC still wasn’t working when I got back later that day. To make matters worse, it was extremely humid during the day and there was mold growing in the bathroom. Nobody was home, so I called the landlord to report the AC issue. He said it was the first call. The guy wasn’t busy when I called, and he came right over to fix the AC. The guys could have had this done way earlier in the day if they would have just picked up the phones and made the call. I wish the college staff would find me another place to live. Even if I have to pack up everything and move across campus, I’d still rather live somewhere else. These guys have no respect for anyone and they don’t mind living in filth without amenities.


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The laundry room had a nice ambience

The average family of four spends about $20 each week at the laundromat.

I like to change my sheets every 3 days, so we spend about $25 each week at the laundromat.

My family and I don’t have a washer and dryer in our home, because we live in an RV. We don’t have any space for a large washing and drying machine and we really have too many people in our home for a small one. Our only choice is going to the laundromat once a week. I wash all of the clothes, towels, linens, and blankets. Once a month, I wash all of the pets bedding and blankets. It can be very expensive and I never know what facilities I will have from week to week. Last month, my family and I stayed in a really nice RV resort with a full service laundry room. They had televisions, snack machines, a ceiling fan, 8 washers and 8 dryers. They only charged $1.00 for each, which is really, really cheap. The place also had a really nice space heater in the middle, where the folding area was located. The space heater made the whole room much cozier. It was pretty cold outside. I think the average daily temperatures were only around 50 degrees. I didn’t mind sitting in the building to fold my clothes, since it was warmer in that room than inside my RV. My wife and I refuse to use the propane heat at night. It’s way too expensive and we have wool blankets. We also have our own tiny space heater, but it isn’t nearly as nice as the one in that laundry room.

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Over time is going to pay for my new PS5

I’m so close to getting my new gaming system that I get excited just thinking about it

I’m 30 years old and I live in an apartment on my own. I see my parents on the weekends and we always get together on the holidays. My Mom doesn’t go crazy at Christmas, but she always gets us a sweater or some pajamas. One year for Christmas, my mom and dad bought me a brand new Nintendo. I thought it was the coolest gift in the world. These days, nobody buys me cool and expensive gifts except myself. I have been saving my money for the past three months, because I want to buy a new PS5 when they go on sale at Christmas. I’ve been working overtime every single week for the past 3 minutes. Anytime there is an extra job to do, I offer to stay late or come in early. My boss doesn’t mind if we work overtime, because the HVAC installation company has been really busy. We also have a few employees that haven’t been working due to covid-19. We’ve been busy with the air purifier installations and air filtration machines. Those jobs have taken up a bulk of our time. I have almost $400 saved in the bank and I already have 23 hours of overtime for the next paycheck. I’m so close to getting my new gaming system that I get excited just thinking about it. A friend of mine bought the PS5 last weekend then we spent all day on Sunday playing games. When I get my system, we will be able to play online and destroy everyone else. Only two more weeks until the big season sale.

Space heater

The garage was a great place for the ductless HVAC system

My wife and I thought about converting the garage into an exercise room.

We were tired of paying the astronomical membership fees at the gym, but we didn’t have any space in the house.

We didn’t use the garage for our cars, and half of the space was filled with junk. My wife came up with the idea of converting the garage and I thought it was a fantastic use for the space. My wife and I were going to add a window HVAC unit to the garage, since we had a small window near the ceiling. Fortunately, the building contractor came up with a much better idea. The contractor advised us to buy a ductless HVAC unit. He said it would be more energy efficient and he said it would look better and last last longer. Since my wife and I were planning to buy a window unit, we decided to think about our decision. We read some useful information about ductless heating and cooling options. By the time we were finished with our research, my wife and I made the decision to buy a ductless HVAC unit. That building contractor installed the mini split heating and cooling system during the renovation part of the project. When the garage was finished, it no longer looked like a place to park the car. The contractor came up with some great ways to make the space more accessible. We even have a new built in wall shelf. We transformed that old area into a brand new exercise room with two treadmills and a surround sound system. To be honest, it’s never looked better.

Heat pump service

I was in like with the HVAC technician.

I had had the same HVAC technician for the last five years.

He had been the only HVAC technician to work on my equipment.

I really liked the guy and how friendly he was. I never had to worry about him being in my house. The first time he was there, he saw my white carpeting and went back out to the service van. He came in with booties to go over his shoes that would protect my carpet. He worked on the furnace, and he was even the person who came to install my air conditioning unit. I’m not sure if I wanted to trust anyone else with my HVAC equipment. I finally had to admit to myself that I was in ‘like’ with my HVAC technician. That’s why I couldn’t figure out why I was procrastinating about calling the HVAC company. I think it worried me that there was something wrong with the furnace. I was told it was getting older, but I didn’t want to admit it. When my HVAC technician told me he was leaving the company, I was devastated. I wanted to know where he was going and how I could get in touch with him. I didn’t want to have anyone else come to my house. He told me that he was moving to another city after he got married that weekend. Married! How could he think about getting married and not tell me? He was my HVAC technician, and I thought we would be together forever. He gave me an odd look, and I think I saw him quiver in fear as he walked out of my house.


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Who do I ask about cleaning out the ductwork?

I had been wanting to have ductwork cleaned ever since I moved into my home. I wasn’t sure when or if the ductwork had ever been cleaned. The HVAC contractor, who did my inspections prior to my moving in, told me I should have the ductwork cleaned and that I should start considering getting a new furnace for the house. He said the furnace was getting old and it would last me a couple more years, if I was lucky. He said that right now; I was already having my efficiency compromised with the old furnace. I felt that as long as the furnace was working; I would not get rid of it. Now, however, I wanted to get the ductwork cleaned and help to prolong the furnace dying for as long as possible. I knew that if the ductwork were to become clogged, I would have even more problems with my HVAC system. I wasn’t exactly sure who I should call to have the ductwork cleaned. I felt that it made perfect sense to call the HVAC company since the ductwork was part of the HVAC system. I made the phone, and it surprised me to find out I was right. The HVAC company was the right place to call if I wanted the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. I was even more surprised to find that they had a team of HVAC technicians that specialized in cleaning the ductwork. They had an opening for the following day and I quickly accepted. At least I had one thing done to help with the longevity of the furnace.

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I had more dust than the Dust Bowl.

Anyone who has gone to school knows what the Dust Bowl is.

The Dust Bowl is the name given to the midwestern states during the drought in the 1930s.

They were fraught with dust storms and it changed the entire ecological system. I had so much dust in my house, that I saw small eddies of dust in the sunlight. I could imagine what it was doing to my furniture and my air quality. I had my own ecological change in my house. I knew I had to get rid of the dust without making it rain in the house. I wasn’t even sure where the dust was coming from. I cleaned a couple times a week, and I also dusted every time I cleaned. I talked to a friend of mine and he said I should talk to the HVAC company. My friend thought the dust could be from the ductwork. He was pretty sure the ductwork just needed to be cleaned. I called the HVAC company, and I told them about the problem I was having with all the dust in my house. They sent an HVAC technician to the house, and he went over the furnace. He changed the air filter and inspected the furnace. He then checked out the ductwork and made a phone call. He asked to have a team of professional HVAC ductwork cleaners sent to the house. Within an hour, there was a team of HVAC techs cleaning my ductwork. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in the amount of dust in my home.


Portable space heater

There was enough hot chocolate for everyone.

My grandmother is one of those people who is always ready for company.

Whether it is two or twenty-two people arriving, she always has enough food to go around.

Since Gran lives close to the local ski resort, I normally stay with her instead of at the resort. It is so much cheaper and easier to stay with her. It is also more fun to stay with her. The only problem with staying Gran was that she always has the thermostat turned too high. The last time my girlfriend and I stayed there, she told me to put the thermostat wherever I liked. If she got too cold, she would just put on a sweater. I called her prior to showing up this time, since there were about ten of us. I wanted to make sure it was okay to bring all my friends along. It thrilled her to have so much company. She told me she had plenty of hot chocolate for everyone, and I knew where the thermostat was. Fortunately, there were so many bodies in the house it was okay to turn down the thermostat. It was saving Gran money on the heating expense and saving the furnace from running so hard. We didn’t even go skiing for a couple days. We were having too much fun playing games with Gran. She is so much fun to sit and talk to. When we noticed how much cooler it was getting, I went downstairs to check the furnace. I changed the air filter, but it worried me there could be something wrong with the furnace. When I said something to Gran, she said she was aware of the problem and the HVAC technician would be there the next day.


Heat pump repair