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There are plenty of setbacks in a person’s life.

I guess that I have been through my good share.

However, the setback of starting my own Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation was one that was indeed the most intense. So, I have fared pretty well thus far. I started actually small with minimal capital investment. There was enough for a couple of trucks, equipment and being able to hire 2 Heating, Ventilation and A/C workers. The rest was up to me. The more business I was able to land, the more I put away toward ads. When I hit a good point, I knew that I wanted to focus that money on digital and online marketing. It just made the most sense to me. There is no doubt that most of my possible clients are out there online using a search engine. I wasn’t exactly crazy about using the Google ads because I actually wanted a more focused and local approach. So, I went to a local online marketing corporation to see what exactly they could do for me. What I found was a lot of digital SEO strategies to help me grow my Heating, Ventilation and A/C business. They started with web layout. My old layout was transformed into a single one that was not only professional, interactive and beautiful however also fun. That was the key to the web platforms for me. Once that was done, the SEO, link building and PPC strategies drove people to my new website. The results were nearly then and there. And, I am getting far more value from online and digital SEO than I would have from traditional methods.

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Right eyes on the prize

Really, advertising and SEO typically has been about getting people’s attention. It honestly appears that way. And there is a lot to the method that attention draws mind to a company or a product. I know the old saying that there is no such thing as poor press. While that might be true, for my Heating, Ventilation and A/C company I wanted to get the right sets of eyes on my service. That’s why I have focused my advertising budget on digital and online SEO. It’s where the eyes are. Sure, there is still room for the ads and the characters for their business. That’s true even in the Heating, Ventilation and A/C game. However, without the tools love search engine SEO and SEO tactics, an Heating, Ventilation and A/C company is not targeting the right groups. This is because online SEO helps an Heating, Ventilation and A/C company really position themselves to capture a wide audience. That audience is online searching for the things and services they need. This is just the way it is now. I saw early on how an online SEO corporation was able to open up those gates for me. They were smart in their web design applications and now I have an interactive website. This allows me to really see potential clients and interact with them to understand their wants. The change in the demand for my Heating, Ventilation and A/C services was almost right out. I guess that I will be focusing on digital and online SEO going forward. It is a clear system that will honestly spend my savings bonds for any Heating, Ventilation and A/C company.


Lots of HVAC comfort from a much smaller source

One of those interesting changes I was talking about is the HVAC in my place.

There is an awful lot of change and evolution that I have seen over my life. Actually, just stating that makes me feel even older than my 75 years. It’s really hard to believe all the changes I have witnessed in that time span. That goes for my life personally as well. There are so many different things that I’m doing that I never thought I’d do. Like I get up every morning and do yoga. This is a guy who got up every morning for 40 years to don a suit and tie and go try to be a business big shot. Just goes to show that anyone and everyone has the capacity to change. I miss some of that life like the perfectly HVAC controlled office and that wonderful view. But I don’t miss how complicated life could be and having all that stress tearing at me everyday. These days, it’s all about living simply and joyfully. That also goes for where I live now. No longer do I need the big house with all the fancy stuff. Not really sure why that was so important anyway. All I ever did was come home and relax in the HVAC anyway. It’s not like I couldn’t have done that in a more reasonable place. Well, the place I occupy now is quite perfect. It’s a small 3 bedroom bungalow that I share with my dogs. One of those interesting changes I was talking about is the HVAC in my place. It’s ductless. There are two units that sit high on the wall and that is enough to heat and cool the entire place. It’s hard to believe that so much comfort comes from such a small unit.

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Get rid of a drafty house and ease the cost of winter heating

We bought our house in late October.

While it was a nicely appointed house with all the latest amenities, it was also an older home.

The structure was in great shape as we made sure to get that professionally confirmed. In our area, the winter gets here pretty early. So by the time we closed and had the keys to the house, the early signs of winter were upon us. I didn’t have to worry about the HVAC heating method which was nice. The previous owner had upgraded both the heating and the cooling units for the house. So, it was with confidence that I was going into that first winter in our new place. From the start, I kept noticing that we were having to push the HVAC setting higher and higher in order to stay warm. This was concerning since we had a new furnace. I wondered if they cut corners on the furnace and it wasn’t powerful enough to heat the volume of our home. So, I had the HVCA people come out and give the thing a complete inspection. I was surprised but relieved to learn that the furnace was not the problem. The HVAC tech assured me that we had a state of the art furnace with more than enough power to heat our home. The problem was the house. The HVAC tech suggested that I work to really seal up the house tighter. That meant more insulation, new weather stripping and making sure the window casings were insulated. He also recommended I use a temp gun to find spots on the exterior that were leaking heated air.



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Found the renovation answer for HVAC with ductless units

It was the dream to have our own place.

However, we knew that due to our financial position, homeownership wasn’t going to be easy.

Well, that turned out to be a bit of an understatement. Yet, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out with what is now our finished home. All those years of living with bad HVAC in apartments finally came to an end. Plus, it really feels good know that our monthly mortgage check is going to equity in our home. All of this has made all the renovations absolutely worthwhile. Oh but it’s been hard work with lots of effort. The house we bought was available to us only because it was in such poor condition. The bones of the house were fine but it had been left to practically decay on the inside. In order to afford the house and the renovations, we had to give up our apartment and live in the house as we were renovating it. That meant that we had to address the HVAC right off the bat. And this was not the easiest of things to deal with. The existing HVAC was antiquated and had to be replaced. We knew that would be the case. What we weren’t prepared for was the fact that all of the air ducts would also have to be replaced. However, a great HVAC contractor solved that problem for us by showing how a series of ductless HVAC units would work very well. Sure enough, they do. We are so glad to have chosen the ductless HVAC. It works splendidly and we love the added zone customization that ductless offers.

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Welcoming the whole house air purifier

We have been dreaming of a particular life upgrade for a lot of years.

Normally, that would be something like a new car or boat or vacation house.

For us, it’s an HVAC upgrade. Our HVAC is good and should go at least another 15 years or so. No, the upgrade actually goes inside the HVAC. Inside the HVAC air handler to be more specific. My wife and I are super thrilled to finally welcome the whole house air purifier to our home. This is something that we have wanted for a very long time. However, we have a modest income and it took us a while to save up. We live in an aread that due to HVAC demands, there just isn’t much time during the year where you can open the windows for fresh air. This left our home with a sort of recycled stale smell. Things like cooking and pet odors simply hung in the air for days. None of the deodorizer products helped us at all. The smells always came back. So we went to the HVAC people to find out just how we could address the source of the poor indoor air quality. That’s when we fell in love with the idea of having a whole house air purifier. Not only does the whole house air purifier give us the pure, fresh air we wanted. It will help our overall health and specifically our respiratory health by eliminating all that airborne contaminant threat. It is for sure worth waiting for and for sure worth every penny we spent on this HVAC upgrade.
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Starting an HVAC Business During a Pandemic

Some people needed HVAC in their garages-turned-offices

Are you as relieved as I am that 2020 is over and we are at the start of a new year. I think everyone feels that way, but if the truth be known, just because the calendar starts anew does not mean that things are going to magically be better. And it wasn’t all bad, either. My cousin did pretty well in 2020. Right before 2020 events started going downhill, my cousin quit his job, which ended up being really scary when the pandemic hit and everyone was being laid off and businesses started closing. But my cousin didn’t despair for long. He couldn’t find another job after quitting the one he had, so he decided to open his own heating and cooling company! Within a day he had gotten his first heating and cooling customer. It was a woman who was working from home as a result of the virus, and she could no longer put up with less than stellar HVAC performance. Her air conditioner, she said, had been acting up for a couple of months, but because she used the free a/c at her office, she had been putting off getting the a/c repaired. What a stroke of luck for my cousin! He started advertising on social media, and he discovered there was a whole class of people who needed heating and cooling services because they were no longer leaving the house for work. Some people needed HVAC in their garages-turned-offices. Others wanted to put mini-split a/c units in their backyard workshops. One woman wanted a window a/c unit to help her central air conditioning because she was pregnant and hot all the time. Everything my cousin touches turns to gold.

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General Contractor Hires My Brother to do Heating and Cooling

My little brother has been in the unfortunate circumstance of finishing school and entering the world of work during this crazy time of a pandemic.

My brother graduated from high school a little over two years ago, and then he started the HVAC technology program in a technical school.

He was super pumped about learning everything there is to know about heating and cooling, and he was doing really well in school. Then, the mess we call 2020 happened. His hands-on learning became virtual learning. Watching someone repair an a/c unit from your little laptop is just not the same as getting in there and feeling and seeing the guts of the air conditioner, but he had to make the best of it. The school did the best they could, the HVAC instructors did the best they could, and my brother and the rest of the HVAC students did the best they could. Eventually, the school decided to bring back smaller classes wearing masks because it got closer to people graduating and having to take the HVAC certification test from the state in order to get licensed. The school was just afraid it would be too hard to pass the test without having the hands-on a/c experience. Well, I felt so bad for my brother; he really began to struggle with his grades and his knowledge of HVAC repair. He was ecstatic to get back in the classroom, which is in itself kind of a miracle. He wasn’t exactly the most diligent student in high school. Anyway, it took him two tries, but he finally passed the HVAC repair certification test, and I was so proud of him. He called me today and just told me that a general contractor has now hired him to be his go-to heating and cooling guy!

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Heating and Cooling at the Resort

No matter what time of year I would go, there would be some kind of heating and cooling problem

I decided that since some of the travel bans have ended, I am going to book myself a stay at a resort. I just want to get away from the humdrum life and get a little pampering. I am dreaming of cool drinks with umbrellas, swimming pools, maid service and free heating and cooling. I found what I thought was the perfect place to get all this at a reasonable cost south of the border. That is, until I found out that this resort calls itself eco-friendly and advertises ecologically friendly vacations. When I asked about it, I discovered that means there is no heating and cooling to speak of. That’s right – no air conditioning! Can you imagine? I don’t even know how they can call themselves a resort when they don’t offer a/c to their guests. The thermostats read close to triple digits during the summer, and they expect people to have a vacation without air conditioners? Even prisons have heating and cooling! I started thinking maybe I should just go in the winter, but then I realized that would mean there would be no heater in the pool. It just doesn’t make sense to me. No matter what time of year I would go, there would be some kind of heating and cooling problem. Even though the website looks gorgeous, and I do care about the environment, an eco-friendly vacation is just not for me. I think I better start looking for a resort that offers a true resort experience, which must include HVAC for comfort and good indoor air quality.

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Water Heater Innovation Means Practically No Waste

When I was a kid, we had a huge water heater in the closet in our house.

There were six kids in my family, and that meant a lot of laundry, dishes, and showers every day, so a big hot water heater was a must.

At some point, my mother decided to put a timer on the water heater in order to save money. I had no idea how that was going to save money, but my brother explained it to me. Hot water heaters have these big tanks full of water. There is a heating element inside the big tank, and the heating element makes the water hot. As the heater works, it uses electricity to do all that heating up of the water. Whenever the water in the tank gets below a certain thermostat reading, the heating element is there to heat the water back up again. In that way, there is always hot water available. And there is a big electric bill to go along with that convenience. My mom put in a timer because there was no sense heating up all that water over and over while we were all at school and work. Smart. I remember she saved a lot. So, when I was trying to save on my utility bill, I asked the plumber about getting a timer put on my water heater. That’s when I learned that today’s water heaters are much more efficient. They are fully insulated, and the heating elements are much better and inexpensive to run. Water heater innovation means I need to figure out another way to save money.

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