I was fine with the changes made by my wife in my place

I proposed marriage to my girlfriend a couple of weeks back.

I was completely gleeful when she said yes.

I didn’t wish to have a long engagement as well as neither did she. Both of us agreed to go to the courthouse as well as have a small ceremony with the Justice of the Peace! A few days after we got married, my wife moved into my household. She wanted to make a huge amount of changes. I didn’t truly mind any of the changes that my wife made in the household. As a matter of fact, I truly feel the locale looks better than it ever has in the past. My wife got rid of the old furniture. She brought the furniture from her apartment. It’s a lot more comfortable than our old sofa and recliner. My wife brought her bed from the apartment as well. We got rid of our lumpy mattress as well as now use her bed. My wife had the desire to make some changes in the master powder room. She wanted to add a shower, since there was only a bathtub. I was totally on board with the idea, although I didn’t have time to complete the labor on my own. My wife as well as I called a couple of general contractors so we could get an estimate for the plumbing work. We had to use a general contractor that could handle all of the plumbing, electrical, as well as construction work. We came to find many general contractors online as well as we ended up getting 3 different free estimates. We chose a contractor with plumbing experience as well as a good amount of wonderful reviews. It’s easier than ever to find someone wonderful when you actually have the internet.


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I like using my new security system

I live alone.

I’m very aware of the rising crime rate in our local area… I often hear sirens in the middle of the night.

So I considered getting myself a guard dog but don’t absolutely have the time to correctly care for a pet. I work too many hours so when I get home at night I just want to eat dinner plus relax. I don’t want to feed, walk, or play with a messy old dog. I don’t want to deal with fur all over my furniture, either. I decided to invest into a security system for the house and so I spent the money for a top-of-the-line system in order to take advantage of the latest technology. Since the entire security system is wireless, the installation process was really quick plus non-invasive. There was no need to tear holes into the walls, and most of the components are extremely compact plus non-obtrusive. They don’t detract from the aesthetics of my house. I barely even notice the small cameras or the sensors, despite the fact that they offer great function! Now, if anyone enters the perimeter of our property, a light flashes and the alarm alerts me. I can watch real time video footage of the property on my smartphone. I can also see who has driven into the driveway or who is stepping onto our porch. I can even talk with them before I open the door. Now when I get back home from work, I’m sure that the lake house is completely secure. I can also unlock the front door remotely and switch on lights.

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I can unlock my door remotely now

I live alone and am undoubtedly aware of the rising crime rate in our local area; I often hear sirens in the middle of the night and so I considered getting myself a guard dog but don’t really have the time to properly care for a pet.

I work a lot and so by the time I get home in the evening, I simply want to eat lunch and relax.

I don’t want to feed, walk, bathe or take care of a big dog and I also don’t want to deal with fur all over our rugs and furniture. I decided to invest into a security system for our house and so I spent the money on a top-of-the-line system. I wanted the latest technology; Because the entire security method is wireless, the installation process was quick and easy. There was no need to tear holes into the walls and ceilings… Plus, all of the pieces are small and non-obtrusive. They don’t detract from aesthetics in the house. I barely even notice the small cameras or sensors, despite the fact that I am happy with the function they provide. If anyone enters the perimeter of our property, a light flashes on and there is an alarm. I can watch real time video footage and I can see who has driven into the driveway or who is stepping onto our porch. I can even talk with them without ever opening the door! Now when I come home from work, I can be sure that the home is completely secure and I can even unlock the front door remotely.
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These politics must be expressed

I recently got unquestionably involved in a nearby campaign for neighborhood mayor.

I helped with calling up voters & print materials.

I suddenly was in charge of having signs printed & getting permission to set them up all around the community. Every one of us hoped to have our signs strategically sited in places for optimum impact & visibility. Every one of us needed signs that people who hastily go out and notice them & unquestionably read. Every one of us hoped to present our candidate in the very best possible light. I started by taking pictures of our candidate. I discovered right away that she doesn’t photograph well! Getting a flattering picture where she looked honest, but still approachable & yet dignified was difficult. I spent various minutes taking photos in weird outfits, poses & locations. Every one of us also needed to somehow come up with a campaign slogan, choose colors & determine a font for all of the necessary print materials. The whole process was severely time-consuming plus ultra annoying. There were lots of fights over crazy details among our group of volunteers. I then went back and started consulting with a print business to make sure the signs would be the proper size for us & hold up to our local weather. I was also working from a fairly limited budget. I hoped to eventually be able to afford as many signs as possible, which meant sacrificing a bit of quality for the project. I worried about the timeline of receiving the materials. It was severely substantial to successfully get our signs up as soon as possible. Every one of us actually didn’t want the local opponent to have her signs up before ours. When the print materials finally arrived, it was a complete disaster. They had misspelled our candidate’s name, because of that, but they rushed the order of the brand new signs & significantly reduced the price.


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Signage needs to be clear

I stressed over finding the exact right printing business to handle weather-proof signs

I am part of a community group focused on carefully beautifying our local area. We’ve organized projects to opportunity up litter, many gardens & tear down abandoned buildings. Our latest focus has been an area that includes a brand new park & hiking trails along a large large lake. There are beautiful views from the smallest local mountains & the opportunity for water activities such as kayaking, fishing, jet skiing & boating activities. However, the area has been neglected for an absolutely long time. It required service & substitutes… Every one of us definitely needed to improve the powder room facilities, ensure the safety of the trails & create a brand new picnic & play area. Every one of us also wanted to provide the public with plenty of available information. This included printing up pamphlets that include the history of the area, many details about local wildlife, safety rules & a map of the trails. Every one of us needed a ton of signs marking all of the trails, rest areas & viewing areas. Every one of us needed clear signs with the rules for the park, hiking & lake clearly gave. These signs are exposed to all sorts of sun, rain, snow & wind all year round. It’s substantial that they do not fade, peel, tear or eventually become illegible. Every one of us doesn’t have unlimited funds. The signs need to be durable from the start yet also not detract from the beauty of the surroundings. It was my job to go out and take care of all of the printed materials. It was a lot more time, effort & research than I ever had expected. I worried over choosing the right colors & font. I stressed over finding the exact right printing business to handle weather-proof signs. I was upset the pamphlets wouldn’t be able to arrive in time for our grand opening or show up with typos in them.




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I have had a lot of trouble with printers.

In the last several years so far, I’ve been through various weird makes & models of printers & hated every last one of them.

I don’t buy cheap models. I take the time to research & consult with the salespeople working at the store. I buy name brands & still they don’t meet my needs. I am not ecstatic, to be brief, with how tough it is to simply set up the printer. The unit is big, bulky & heavy. It actually takes up way too much room on the desk & the cord is consistently a problem. Modern printers supposedly are able to be absolutely wireless. They are capable of linking to my PC & printing with a tap of a single button. This never works. I consistently end up with a cord stretched between the available printer & my PC. I then hit print eighteen times & begged the thing to make a single copy. If I’m absolutely fortunate, it finally starts to print & won’t ever stop. I then frantically remove all the paper. Since ink costs a fortune & rarely ever lasts longer than a week, I only print when absolutely vital, but plus, when I go out to install a new ink cartridge, the printer needs to go through a whole alignment process that easily wastes both paper & ink. If it runs out of the colored ink, it won’t print at all. It doesn’t honestly matter that I only want to print in black & white, the printer refuses. Paper jams, it turns out, are absolutely too frequent & I get super frustrated when the printer creates a horrible ink streak across the paperwork.



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I love running a cleaning company

I guess everyone probably has a hidden passion they really weren’t aware of.

Turns out my is akin to being a cleaning lady.

I think it goes back to being so attached to the cleaning lady that worked for my parents. She was wonderful and I used to help her. Well, I pretended to help I guess. It was a big deal for me to get try my hand at carpet cleaning or something like that. However, the floor stripping and waxing was something our cleaning lady took charge of. Yet, I was really intrigued with cleaning and order. This turns out to be quite the irony. That’s because I now own a commercial cleaning service. And it seemed to have happened quite organically in fact. Through high school and college, I made my pocket money by being a sort of maid for hire. That kind of branched out a bit to office cleaning when I got out of college and couldn’t find a job in my field. The longer I did the office cleaning thing, the more referrals I got and before long I was an actual office cleaning company. I started out small with a hand picked crew of part time college students. That worked out really well. So, it seemed like a good idea to invest in some equipment and branch out into all areas of the commercial cleaning service. Now I have several crews who do everything from janitorial service to commercial floor cleaning. It’s a great life and I love the business. Who knew that my cleaning lady as a child would have such a dramatic impact on my career?

Commercial cleaning company

I am focusing on my priorities now that I have a cleaning service

The look on his face said it all

There really hasn’t ever been any question in my mind whether I would be running my own show. Honestly, it’s really sort of just been a given really. The idea of being my own boss and doing my own thing has always appealed to me on the deepest of levels. So, it’s not all that surprising to find myself in that position. However, there sure are a lot of details to keep on top of when you’re running your own small business. I have a small public relations company that does a lot of regional business. However, I have been functioning as my own cleaning company as well. This seemed like a good idea when I first started out. However, it quickly became anything but. I mean who wants to do floor stripping and waxing in heels? I know now that I don’t. But, that’s exactly what I was doing to myself and it took a bit of a reckoning to change that behavior. Once I closed up the office each night, I would act as my own janitorial service. I don’t know if it’s just in my nature to try and take everything on or what. However, there was a night when one of my staff members came back to retrieve something and saw me doing the carpet cleaning. The look on his face said it all. It was right then that I understood that I needed all my time to focus on priorities. The office cleaning could be left to a commercial cleaning company.

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It is good there are corporate apartments

When I first got my entry level position, I had a great helper.

She came to me around 6 months at work to help me out.

While she was my boss, it wasn’t really about task performance. My friend was hoping to impart some reality to what otherwise seems like a luxurious task. She just wanted to make sure that if I went on with my work, it would come with plenty of time away plus relocations. Happily, I listened plus all of the transfers were not a surprise. Fortunately, I really paid close attention and learned to take advantage of the corporate apartments. Otherwise, I guess I might have blown a fuse. The first move, I chose to go with the furnished home for rent route. While it was great to have a short term rental option, I still had to store our stuff plus then look for another place to live. So, by the time I got about 7 months into that modern lease, I was moved to another site. That is just how this industry goes on. Granted, it pays absolutely, well plus I get to live in some really cool locations. But, it’s not great. Corporate apartments plus executive housing has changed all that for me. I now have a lake house base near the main headquarters. That is where I call home. But with the executive housing choice, I can get a temporary living situation for months at a time to work whatever project that I am needed on. So I will have a more settled life in a few years or so. But right now, corporate apartments have really made life a lot easier.


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Getting more business than I thought

I embrace the idea that each of my buyers has the ability to directly and genuinely interact with my Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation.

It’s an aspect of how I do business.

The days of just passing out business cards and hoping for the best are just no longer possible. Just having a website that does nothing but act as an electronic print out is not enough either. This week’s online SEO has evolved with a number of honestly effective tools. These tools are able to grow and keep up with any Heating, Ventilation and A/C company. While it is crucial to be ethical, expert and do superb work, the online SEO can leverage all of those qualities into more business. I found this out after my Heating, Ventilation and A/C company’s growth ended up stopping for too long. So, I took a hard look at how we were advertising. We were seriously behind the times. I made a date with a digital SEO corporation and was amazed with the potential. Through web design and search engine optimization, they turned our online platform into a corporation generator. Our website was no longer some sort of static online sign. Every one of us had people talking to us and we were now able to really capture these interactions. Then the SEO, pay per click and link building just drove people to our site. The purchasers are online and they are on search engines looking for services like Heating, Ventilation and A/C. So, I am thrilled and thrilled to be meeting them there now. It’s only been about 5 weeks but I am thrilled with the direction online and digital SEO is taking us.

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