Dry Skin and Other Winter Ailments Can Be Helped

When winter rolls around, I start having some common problems.

  • My skin tends to dry out and become itchy and flaky.

My lips start getting chapped. I start having sore throats and sinus headaches. All these things are the result of having less humidity in the air, and they can all be helped with the assistance of your HVAC system. If you use the heater, the problem becomes worse, but that is not true if you use both the heater and a whole house humidifier. A Whole house humidifier works in tandem with your HVAC system by adding moisture into the air. The increased humidity lessens the bad effects of the heater and the dry winter air. Water is amazing, and it is important even in the air. Using the humidifier in tandem with the heater can help you breathe easier, as well. People who have a humidifier get fewer colds, have fewer bouts of the flu, and a reduced chance of infection. It’s not just people that suffer from a heater with no humidifier, though. Your wooden stuff can become cracked, dry, and brittle if you have just a heater with no added moisture. I have hardwood floors that are at least fifty years old, and I don’t want them to get ruined because the heater dried them out. YOu know those shocks you get in winter when you touch something? Those can be eliminated or reduced, too, with a whole house humidifier. If you have expensive electronics in the house, those, too can be damaged by having too little or too much moisture in the air, so be sure to use your HVAC with that in mind.



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Using Whole House Humidifier in Winter

The whole house humidifier works hand in hand with your HVAC system and adds moisture into the air.

I live in the south, and for most of the year, the whole place is green. It is hot and humid here, and everything grows. However, when winter rolls around, some of those green plants die off, the air gets colder, and there is less moisture in the air naturally. Then, on top of that, people are using their heaters more. That exacerbates the dry air situation, so winter is the time of year when it might be beneficial to use a whole house humidifier. Having low humidity can result in cracked wood around doorways, dried out furniture, and dry eyes, flaky skin, and sore throats. A whole house humidifier that is a part of your HVAC system can help you combat all these winter woes. Here in this part of the world, air conditioners have built in dehumidifiers because the moisture levels in the air are often too high. My brother who lives out west, though, has more need for a humidifier most of the year. HVAc manufacturers know these quirks and tend to sell the best HVAC systems based on the area of the country. The whole house humidifier works hand in hand with your HVAC system and adds moisture into the air. This can help you tolerate winter better and have less skin problems and fewer sinus headaches and chapped lips. When you use the heater, moisture in the air is reduced, so the humidifier can be your best friend. The humidifier moves moisture into your ductwork and it spreads throughout your home through the heater air vents.

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Ensure Your Home is Well Insulated to Ensure Adequate Heating and Cooling

A properly designed and installed insulation system immediately reduces the need for the furnace to use more energy and results in significant savings.

You should have insulation in your walls, under your flooring, and in your attic.

You can even have insulation around your pipes. Insulation is required inside all newly manufactured hot water heaters, too. For a long time, water heaters were known as one of the biggest wasters of energy – and money! Those who wanted to save money were encouraged to turn off their water heaters when not home, and water heater timers were sold all over the place. Now, though, water heaters are not the big consumers of energy they once were. But you still need to have good insulation. Pipes that lead to and from your water heater should have insulation wrapped around them. Your attic should be insulated if it isn’t already, and if you do have insulation, you should check and make sure it is still in good condition. The heater creates a warm environment, but heating rises, and if you don’t have good insulation in your attic, you are going to waste that heated air the heater made for you. Heating and cooling is often one of your biggest monthly expenditures as a homeowner, and whatever you can do to decrease those costs is a good idea. Not only are heating and cooling costs reduced, but you are also helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. If you are in the process of building a home, check with your builder to make sure you are able to use every opportunity to reduce your HVAC use once you move in.


Ensure Your Home is Well Insulated to Ensure Adequate Heating and Cooling

Fireplace Inserts May be Good Option

Do you have an old fashioned fireplace in your house? Fireplaces are common in my area, and they are not bad to have, as we don’t need huge furnaces around here.

We live in the south, and cooling is much more important than heating, for the most part.

The thing is, though, regular old fireplaces are lovely to enjoy but they are not exactly efficient as a heating source. If you want to keep the furnace off and use the fireplace as a heater, a fireplace insert might be a good idea. A fireplace insert is a self-contained unit that usually uses pellets, gas, or wood as fuel. Sometimes, they can be electric, as well. Anyway, a fireplace insert can be placed inside an existing wood burning fireplace to make it a more efficient heating source. Everyone loves to curl up next to a fireplace and have a cup of cocoa or a hot toddy and read a good book, but if you are looking to have a good heater, a plain old fireplace is not the answer. You should look into getting a fireplace insert and then using that as a heater. A wood burning fireplace insert also uses less wood. That means a longer fire, less using the furnace, and less mess to clean up the next morning. Right now, I live in a rented townhouse, and it has the old fashioned fireplace, but I am not going to pay for a fireplace insert in a house I don’t own. However, I own a house that I am going to move into in a few years, and I plan to need less HVAC in the winter by getting a fireplace insert.



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The direction of the wind

With the direction of the wind blowing you never know what it is going to cause. In my area, depending on the direction of the wind is what will determine the air quality. Air quality in my area can vary from week to week. Sometimes you will have good air quality and sometimes you will have bad air quality. You just never know. This is why it is pretty wise to invest in a whole home air purification system. By having a whole home air purification system you could always be ready for any bad air quality that may come your way. Air quality is what makes this world go round and also what keeps us feeling good and healthy. When you have bad air quality it is not good for your health naturally. I was so glad that I decided to invest in a whole home air purification system early on. I am always ready for any changes in the air quality when the direction of the wind decides to change. The reason this plays on the air quality is because in one direction is an area that just has the worst air quality all the time, and it brings it to our area during those specific wind changes. But again, with the whole home air purification system you can fight and fight hard against this bad air quality when it comes around. It is pretty crazy how it all depends on the direction the wind is blowing to tell you the truth. That is just the price to pay live where I do I guess.
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High school reunion time

Last month I went to my high school reunion.

It was a really awesome time and I got to catch up with many classmates from over the years.

It was especially interesting getting to find out what everyone has been up to all these years and what became of their lives. One person really shocked me. We had always thought that he would become a lawyer or something like that. Well, he ended up going into the heating and cooling business. Becoming a certified heating and air conditioning specialist was not exactly what we all expected. But he seemed to be pretty happy being in the heating and air conditioning business. The funny thing was is that he was working for the same heating and cooling company that I actually use for all my air conditioning and heating repair needs! It is a pretty surprising thing that I never had him before as my heat and cooling specialist. I guess the timing was never right on it. Other classmates were pretty shocked as well about the fact of this former classmate becoming a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. I ended up going into business for myself as an independent accountant. So I guess you never know what people are going to do in life no matter how well you believe you may know them. But this classmate becoming a heating and air conditioning specialist was really out of left field. I look forward to the next high school reunion we will have in another 10 years or so.


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Coming home

Coming home from an overseas vacation takes a lot of adjusting.

  • Almost as much as when you go on the actual vacation.

Me and my family had gone to Europe recently and when we got home, we had the worst jet lag! It was so bad we had to stay home from work and school for about a week till our bodies could get back on the US time schedule we were supposed to be on. While recovering from the drastic time change and long journey, I was remembering how wonderful the central heating and air conditioning systems were over there in Europe. The central heating and air conditioning was a lot more powerful in my opinion than the central heating and air conditioning here in this country. I guess you can say we all got spoiled by the heat and cooling systems over there. They even had an air purification system in the hotel we were staying at. And it too was even a little better than the multi thousand dollar whole home air purification system we have here in our own home that goes through our central heating and air conditioning system unit. Those people in Europe sure have things together and are a little more advanced in their heat and cooling technology than we are here in the United States Of America, that is for sure! I would love to be able to go to Europe again someday with my family. It was a really nice time all around and a great change of both lifestyle and scenery all together. It was quite costly though.
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My trip to the UK

I recently took a trip to the united kingdom, also known as the UK and it was quite an experience! I had never before been out of the united states of america until now.

I lived a sheltered life you could say.

But anyhow, it was totally amazing. Everything from the food, the culture and the friendliness of the people over there. It was all something that I was not used to over here in the united states of america. The other thing that shocked me in a good way was that their central heating and air conditioning systems were much more advanced and better than the central heating and air conditioning systems we have over here in the united states of america. Central heating and air conditioning is something that I would not have even imagined would be better elsewhere. I thought all of us here in the united states of america had it all when it came to heating and air conditioning. But nope, the united kingdom was having us beat by as million. The power and the way the air quality that came out of the central heating and air conditioning systems were far better than anything I have ever experienced here in the united states of america. It made me start thinking about finding a way to maybe get an imported central heating and air conditioning system unit for my own home straight from the united kingdom. I would think it would be rather expensive if it was even possible. But I may look into it sometime soon the more I think about it all.


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We ended up having to install our own HVAC system in the business building

Getting to where I am in life honestly has been anything but easy. I have been struggling hard, but I have been making things happen. I started my own business from my house, and it started to grow steadily. Eventually, I knew I needed to operate my business from an actual business building, so I was able to invest in a pretty good place, or at least it seemed to be the perfect location. Unfortunately when we started up business in the new building, there were all kinds of issues with the HVAC system and the air quality. I thought it would be easy to have some HVAC professionals come out to repair the HVAC system, but the complication was not as simple as I thought it would be. We kept on experiencing various issues and the air quality was not really improving. I was paying way too much money to try to solve this problem that was not being fixed. I finally became desperate and thought I could just install a ductless mini split in the building. I ordered a couple of multi zone ductless mini splits and I had some friends help me to install these HVAC systems instead of the HVAC professionals. Honestly, it seemed like we did a better job with our work than the actual HVAC professionals. I was just disappointed dealing with the HVAC company and I didn’t want them to cause any new issues with the brand new HVAC system. Now, we are perfectly comfortable in our business building and business is booming!



Getting a lot of compliments about the air quality in my home these days

Things are quite different now that I am working from home. I realized after being at home all the time, there were some changes that I needed to have done to the house and to the HVAC system. First of all, the air quality wasn’t very good at all. I used to not think about the air quality that much, but it has been affecting me since I have been doing work in my home office. So I decided to call the HVAC company to see what could be done. It was suggested that I go for a UV air purification system, a whole-house humidifier, and HEPA air filters. I thought these sounded like good moves for improving the air quality in my house, so I decided to go for all those things. I was very impressed with the new UV air purification system. I learned that the UV light works to kill the germs in my home and improves the air quality a great deal. The humidifier is great because it helps the air quality and allows me to save money with my temperature control settings. It makes me feel so much more comfortable while I am working from home. The HEPA air filters are also fantastic because they remove 99.9% of contaminants from the air which is exactly what I needed while working from home. I really should have thought about HVAC components like this a long time ago, but I’m glad that I have them now. These days I get a lot of compliments about the air quality in my home.

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