Author: Daniel

I like using my new security system

I live alone. I’m very aware of the rising crime rate in our local area… I often hear sirens in the middle of the night. So I considered getting myself a guard dog but don’t absolutely have the time to correctly care for a pet. I work too many hours so when I get home […]

I can unlock my door remotely now

I live alone and am undoubtedly aware of the rising crime rate in our local area; I often hear sirens in the middle of the night and so I considered getting myself a guard dog but don’t really have the time to properly care for a pet. I work a lot and so by the […]

These politics must be expressed

I recently got unquestionably involved in a nearby campaign for neighborhood mayor. I helped with calling up voters & print materials. I suddenly was in charge of having signs printed & getting permission to set them up all around the community. Every one of us hoped to have our signs strategically sited in places for […]

Signage needs to be clear

I stressed over finding the exact right printing business to handle weather-proof signs I am part of a community group focused on carefully beautifying our local area. We’ve organized projects to opportunity up litter, many gardens & tear down abandoned buildings. Our latest focus has been an area that includes a brand new park & […]

Print yourself

I have had a lot of trouble with printers. In the last several years so far, I’ve been through various weird makes & models of printers & hated every last one of them. I don’t buy cheap models. I take the time to research & consult with the salespeople working at the store. I buy […]

I love running a cleaning company

I guess everyone probably has a hidden passion they really weren’t aware of. Turns out my is akin to being a cleaning lady. I think it goes back to being so attached to the cleaning lady that worked for my parents. She was wonderful and I used to help her. Well, I pretended to help […]

It is good there are corporate apartments

When I first got my entry level position, I had a great helper. She came to me around 6 months at work to help me out. While she was my boss, it wasn’t really about task performance. My friend was hoping to impart some reality to what otherwise seems like a luxurious task. She just […]

Getting more business than I thought

I embrace the idea that each of my buyers has the ability to directly and genuinely interact with my Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation. It’s an aspect of how I do business. The days of just passing out business cards and hoping for the best are just no longer possible. Just having a website that […]