Author: Daniel

Running inside and outside

The winters in my local area are long, snowy and brutally cold. The temperature is frequently below freezing and sometimes drops down into the negative digits. The fall is typically wet and windy and the spring is a mix of snow, rain and thunderstorms. For the majority of the year, it’s necessary to handle my […]

Unable to shower after strenuous workout

I am diligent about exercising every morning. I set my alarm early so that I can have sixty minutes to workout, and I make the most of my time. With a heavy focus on high intensity aerobics, I make sure to get my heart pumping. I exhaust my muscles, test my stamina and try for […]

Trying to run with the dog

I regularly go for runs around the neighborhood. I might run two or three times per week, and I go anywhere from three to eight miles. I’m not overly fast, but I have decent endurance. I keep myself in good physical condition. Along with running, I jump rope, ride my bike, lift weights, lunge, squat […]

I prefer to workout outside

My exercise routine is a priority. I workout seven days per week. When possible, I complete my exercises first thing in the morning so that I can benefit from more energy and a better mood all day. Because of the fresh air and more space, I also prefer to handle my workouts outside. The weather […]

Apartment includes a gym

When I took a new job and moved into the city, I had a little extra money to spend on rent. I chose one of the larger apartment complexes that includes a long list of amenities. Although the rent was at the high end of my budget, I decided to splurge for one year. After […]

Exercising every morning

I work entirely from home and my job is totally sedentary. I spend approximately eight hours per day sitting at my desk and typing on a computer. Adding in some physical activity to my routine is essential to my health. The closest gym or fitness center to my home is a forty minute drive. I […]

Clogged air filter can can affect the heating system

Those living in frigid areas always rely on a now working heating furnace for their comfort. There’s nothing as disheartening as turning on the heating system on a chilly day, only to be unpleasantly surprised by chilly air emanating from your vents. There are some odd reasons why your heating system may be blowing chilly […]

Many homes in colder climates have electric furnaces

Depending on your category of electric furnace, the pilot light could be located in numerous unusual positions. Anyone living in colder weather conditions depends on a working electric furnace for their comfort. Nothing can be more disheartening than turning on your electric furnace during a cold afternoon, only to be unpleasantly surprised by cold air […]