Author: Daniel

New neighborhood doesn’t have a gym

For several years, I lived in the city because I wasn’t prepared to buy a home. I am not a city person by nature. I wasn’t happy living right next to neighbors and hearing everything they said and did. I was uncomfortable that there were crimes happening within my area. I also don’t mingle well […]

Working out on my front porch

When I purchased my house, I was looking for a location that offered plenty of privacy, property and square footage. I also wanted to be close to my parents. I found the perfect house and made an offer immediately. After moving in, I realized that I needed a place to workout. The house includes several […]

Benefits of riding my bike

Everyone said I was impulsive when I sold my car. The only form of travel I have now is a bike. I have not regretted my decision. I don’t spend money on gas, oil changes, repairs, registration or insurance anymore. I also don’t ask to pick anyone up from the airport or to haul anyone’s […]

Virtual fitness coaching isn’t ideal

For a while, I did online fitness coaching at the body wellness center near me. Due to the virus, I haven’t been able to return to work. I needed to earn some money, so I began offering classes online. I got in touch with my regular students and did some advertising through facebook and twitter. […]

New website generates leads

I started an HVAC company nearly twenty-five years ago. Despite the high level of competition in our service area, we have been successful. Over the last few years, we suffered a reduction in sales. The number of new customers and growth for the company were not encouraging. An entrepreneur in the Heating and Air Conditioning […]

Needed the assistance of an SEO company

As one of the senior employees at our company, the marketing strategies I am familiar with seem outdated to my coworkers. Not all of my methods are still applicable. Recently, I have had some difficulties finding new and effective ways to draw in clients. We are an HVAC business and benefit from a loyal customer […]

Looking for a commercial cleaner

When I applied for the position, I wasn’t certain I would get it. I saw a post on an online group and thought there was no way this was a nice job. Next, I guessed if it was, more than a few people would apply before me. I didn’t have anything to lose after searching […]

The maid really saved our butts

College was quite an experience for my partner and I. Both of us met plus became quick friends in our first year, and he asked me out in our second year. Both of us have been together ever since. Now we are done and I started a small business which later became so large that […]