Can’t complete 1 project before the next (new air duct)

I know that marriage is hard.

All of us all do! Living with someone else is challenging plus there are no easy answers.

Now, I absolutely appreciate our partner plus I could never imagine residing a life separate from him! For as long as I can remember, he has been a real provider for myself and others plus the kids, and i am amazed by his determination plus constant dedication to doing the right thing all the time for our sake; However, sometimes he has too multiple projects that he jumps into, then this is especially the case when he starts renovating things or making handiwork for himself… Recently, our partner has been way too obsessed about our heating, cooling, plus ventilation system, for starters. For years, it seems love he is consistently going downstairs to poke at the forced air furnace or wandering outside to inspect the air conditioner condenser; But that’s never where it all ends, and once he finds 1 thing that’s wrong with the furnace or air conditioner, we’re doomed to have a whole list of current heating, cooling, plus air quality control component showing up at our door. I wish that he would cool his jets with the indoor air temperature control machinery, despite the fact that I understand that he’s motivated to improve our air quality plus take nice care of our family health. That being said, I don’t think every one of us needed a whole current air conditioner installed at condo before every one of us even had the central infrastructure to disperse high quality treated air. After he arranged for a full air duct replacement, I thought we’d be done with the HVAC replaces for a minute… plus then came the brand current cooling system. Just calm down.

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