I kept my cool with the customer about the installation job

I waited until my lunch hours to help a shopper with an installation task. The people I was with and I don’t commonly start tasks so late in the day, but this was a sort of special occasion. The shopper made an attempt to install the compact boiler on his own, but he was having a lot of problems with the task. When the guy called the heating, ventilation, plus A/C maintenance supplier for help, he told my boss that he was approximately halfway finished with the installation. The compact boiler installation task most often takes the whole amount of the day, but the shopper was half done so it did not seem troublesome to start the task after lunch was over. I actually thought the installation task would take a few hours to complete, so I did not even mind going to the residence to help with the task. When I arrived at the dwelling of the customer, I was stunned by the amount of work that needed to be taken care of on the compact boiler installation. I told the shopper that the two of us still had a good amount of work to finish plus I offered the guy an estimate for my services. When the shopper saw the bill for the compact boiler installation, he became irate. He tried to tell me that the task would only take a few short hours to complete. I absolutely did not want to argue with the shopper about the compact boiler installation, however I wasn’t able to budge on my estimate. I definitely knew it was going to take all day to complete the task. I did not finish the installation task until a little after nine that night and the shopper thought I would be done in several hours.

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