Halloween during a heatwave

Every fall, a local club puts on a large Halloween bash, my friends and I dress up in costume, spend money the large cover charge and always have a blast.

The club gets so many people that they need to open up the doors to the outside patio area, and in my local area, the weather at the end of October is often cold, then both of us can expect anything from rain to snow, and it’s no surprise if the temperature drops below chilly, however with the doors wide open, the club shuts off the central heat, however although they have a few overhead space oil furnaces inside and some heat lamps outside, I just about freeze to death, but since I want to look cute, my costumes don’t keep me warm.

This past year, I decided to give up on my appearance and be comfortable. I chose a full bear costume. I was basically wearing a fur a singlesie! Unfortunately for me, we were blessed with an unexpected heatwave. The temperature that night was in the mid seventies. With so many people crammed into the club, it was severely overheated. The open doors and windows just welcomed in the heat and humidity. There was no breeze whatsoever. I tried hanging out both inside and outside, but it didn’t make any difference; Only air conditioner could have helped me. I was drenched with sweat within minutes. To make up for it, I kept drinking frigid beer. This just necessitated various trips to the bathroom, and the bear costume was absolutely difficult to remove. I had a annoyed night and couldn’t wait to leave.


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