Nobody told me that it was going to cost an extra $50 for night service

Last weekend, I got suckered into paying an extra $50 fee to the heating company. My wife and I were gone most of the day on Friday and we didn’t get home until it was already dark. We had groceries in one arm and dinner in the other. We certainly didn’t expect to walk into the house and find a cold and or atmosphere. Unfortunately that is exactly what occurred on that cold, wintry night. My wife told me to call the heating company right away, but I absolutely tried to fix the problem on my own before I wasted money on a professional. I didn’t have any luck and my wife was growing more impatient as the house got colder and colder. I finally gave up and called the heating company and the dispatch service Sunday service technician out to the house. The thermocouple on the furnace needed to be replaced. It wasn’t a very difficult part to replace, but it was the reason why the furnace was not working properly. When the heating company technician wanted me the bill, there was an extra $50 fee for nighttime service. I wasn’t aware that they charged an extra fee for coming out after hours and I immediately complained about the fee. The guy told me that everyone has to pay the service fee if the shop is already closed for the day. The service technician had already completed the work, so I didn’t feel like I had any other choice but to pay the extra fee. I’m still a little annoyed and aggravated over the whole situation.

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