I have to keep my heat running while I’m gone to prevent the pipes from cold

It’s difficult having several properties, because you can’t be in more than one arena at any given moment.

I have a few properties that I use myself or rent out to family members and friends.

My other condos and houses are all rental properties 24/7. I don’t have a property management team handling my rentals, however I’m starting to think that I should. Just hiring an outside handyman and service team isn’t enough to lighten my heavy workload. I’m driving from one location to the next on a yearly basis. Even though I don’t have a fifth task, I’m genuinely working so much that it feels appreciate I have several tasks. It’s hard when you have a tenant in one unit waiting on a new a/c upgrade, while you have a tenant in a odd unit calling about a leaking pipe. Now that we’re in the grips of the chilly Winter time season, my work has doubled with the needed preparations from one arena to the next. I tell my tenants to run their oil heating systems to keep the pipes from cold downstairs. A frozen pipe can lead to a giant water leak immense enough to flood an entire basement. In one of the properties that I keep for personal and family use, I am regularly making adjustments to the smart control unit from my smartphone. I have to turn the oil furnace on high enough to keep the water running separate from using so much heat that I’m wasting electricity. The last thing I want is a catastrophic flood inside my home while I’m away at a odd location. Even with flood insurance, drastic water damage can be hard to completely reverse if drywall and wood framing are exposed.

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