It took calling 15 different contractors to get a variation on air conditioner prices

My wife and I are doubling down on our saving habits.

We cut coupons weekly and search store websites for the best deals and promotions before we leave the house.

Even though we make enough money to live comfortably, we are storing money into our savings account following the disaster that was the year 2020. When events were at their worst last March and April, both my wife and I were temporarily laid off from our jobs. Even though we each went back to work a month and a half later, we drained our savings account in the process to pay bills and eat. Regardless of whether or not our country returns to any conceivable sense of normalcy in the next year, my wife and I want to be prepared for the absolute worst. Therefore, we are strict with every purchase that we make. This is even more important with large purchases. We spent half of a year researching car models before we signed a lease on a brand new car. Although it didn’t take six months, it felt like an eternity before we could decide what kind of air conditioner we wanted for our house. Our old HVAC system was installed 22 years ago and has only started giving us problems in the last two years. We had to determine what manufacturer and model that would best suit our needs before finally choosing a local heating and cooling business to do the installation work. It took longer to choose the air conditioner itself because we don’t have more than six different HVAC suppliers to choose from within driving distance. To our luck, we found a high rated heating and cooling contractor that is just a short drive down the road from our house.



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