I usually get my ductwork cleaned every two to three years

Sooner or later I’ll have to be resolute about the climate I live in.

Having asthma in a region with heavy dust and airborne respiratory irritants isn’t easy, but I manage with an inhaler, nose spray, and anti-allergy medication.

I make a point to always leave my doors and windows closed unless I or someone else is walking in or out. Every time the outside door opens, surfaces in my living room start to show a fine layer of grey dust. With subsequent door openings, I’m forced to dust the entire house. This can take anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on how far the dust gets into my house. My best friend has a house down the street from mine and he takes the opposite approach. I don’t think he cares about dust, because it’s covering everything in his house. He leaves his windows open for most of the day unless it’s the middle of the summer. I’d love to do that myself, but at some point you have to be realistic about where you’re living. If this was a different region and climate, I probably would leave all of my windows open to get a pleasant cross breeze through the house. For now, I stick to leaving my air conditioning on at all hours of the day. However, this requires diligent filter changes to keep up with the extra airborne particles making their way into the air system. I also like to get my ductwork cleaned every two to three years to get any dirt or microbial buildup stuck inside the metal vents. I do whatever I can to protect my respiratory health.

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