Our dog couldn’t run and play without a solid fence

When my hubby & I retired & moved south, my family and I purchased a little residence that was in desperate need of renovations… The kitchen & lavatories were totally ancient.

The windows needed to be replaced, & there was a good amount of scrubbing & painting to do… One of our main priorities was installing a fence around our property! Every one of us has an Airedale puppy who prefers to be outside… She has a tremendous amount of energy & needs to run, dig holes & play fetch.

Keeping her on a leash is pretty much impossible. Every one of us wanted to be able to let her outside into the backyard & make sure she would be completely safe & secure. This required a fence she could not dig under, squeeze through or jump over. Every one of us came to understand that the people I was with and I needed a professional fencing company to handle the job. I searched online for fencing companies in the nearby region & looked at a bunch of client reviews. I chose a company that handles all the essential permits & warranties for their work. The guy showed up the very next day to look over our property. I explained the features we were looking for & he suggested an eight-foot tall wooden privacy fence. He provided an estimate, & the people I was with and I scheduled an appointment for the upgrade of the fence the following week. They brought in a crew of men & the fence was up very quickly. They created no mess & handled the job hastily & professionally. Having a fence has added a pretty good amount of value to our new residence. Every one of us simply waterproof the fence every year in the late Springtime. It has been roughly 2 years now & the fence still looks completely new.


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