My guy made some excellent changes to my dwelling

I suggested marriage to my boyfriend not so long ago.

I was totally enthusiastic when he said yes.

I did not have the desire to have a long engagement plus neither did he. Both of us agreed to go to the courthouse plus have a small ceremony with the Justice of the Peace. A couple of days after we were married, my guy moved into my dwelling. He wanted to make a bunch of variations. I did not mind any of the variations that my guy made in the dwelling. In fact, I suppose the location looks better than it ever has in the past. My guy got rid of the outdated furniture. He also brought the furniture from his apartment. It’s a lot more comfortable than my outdated sofa plus recliner. My guy brought his bed from the old place as well. The two of us got rid of our lumpy mattress plus now use his bed. My guy wanted to make some variations in the master lavatory. He wanted to add a shower, since there was only a bathtub. I was completely on board with the idea, but I did not have time to complete the work on my own. My guy plus I called a couple of general dealers so we could get an estimate for the plumbing work. We basically had to use a general supplier that could handle all of the plumbing, electrical, plus construction work. The two of us were able to find many general dealers online plus we ended up getting many free estimates. The two of us chose a supplier with plumbing experience plus a huge amount of good reviews. It’s actually easier than ever to find someone good when you have the internet.

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