Print yourself

I have had a lot of trouble with printers.

In the last several years so far, I’ve been through various weird makes & models of printers & hated every last one of them.

I don’t buy cheap models. I take the time to research & consult with the salespeople working at the store. I buy name brands & still they don’t meet my needs. I am not ecstatic, to be brief, with how tough it is to simply set up the printer. The unit is big, bulky & heavy. It actually takes up way too much room on the desk & the cord is consistently a problem. Modern printers supposedly are able to be absolutely wireless. They are capable of linking to my PC & printing with a tap of a single button. This never works. I consistently end up with a cord stretched between the available printer & my PC. I then hit print eighteen times & begged the thing to make a single copy. If I’m absolutely fortunate, it finally starts to print & won’t ever stop. I then frantically remove all the paper. Since ink costs a fortune & rarely ever lasts longer than a week, I only print when absolutely vital, but plus, when I go out to install a new ink cartridge, the printer needs to go through a whole alignment process that easily wastes both paper & ink. If it runs out of the colored ink, it won’t print at all. It doesn’t honestly matter that I only want to print in black & white, the printer refuses. Paper jams, it turns out, are absolutely too frequent & I get super frustrated when the printer creates a horrible ink streak across the paperwork.



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