It is good there are corporate apartments

When I first got my entry level position, I had a great helper.

She came to me around 6 months at work to help me out.

While she was my boss, it wasn’t really about task performance. My friend was hoping to impart some reality to what otherwise seems like a luxurious task. She just wanted to make sure that if I went on with my work, it would come with plenty of time away plus relocations. Happily, I listened plus all of the transfers were not a surprise. Fortunately, I really paid close attention and learned to take advantage of the corporate apartments. Otherwise, I guess I might have blown a fuse. The first move, I chose to go with the furnished home for rent route. While it was great to have a short term rental option, I still had to store our stuff plus then look for another place to live. So, by the time I got about 7 months into that modern lease, I was moved to another site. That is just how this industry goes on. Granted, it pays absolutely, well plus I get to live in some really cool locations. But, it’s not great. Corporate apartments plus executive housing has changed all that for me. I now have a lake house base near the main headquarters. That is where I call home. But with the executive housing choice, I can get a temporary living situation for months at a time to work whatever project that I am needed on. So I will have a more settled life in a few years or so. But right now, corporate apartments have really made life a lot easier.


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