The perfect HVAC serviceman

Not all heating and air conditioner specialists are the same.

I would know this, however after having several people from the heating and air conditioner company nearby our house come out to take a look at our heating and

I can entirely say that I have undoubtedly seen all kinds. I have seen the a singles that don’t seem to know what it is they are doing, the smart aged professional, the kind and the rude, and let’s not forget the a singles that just don’t care, and the a singles that spend more time talking than repairing anything. Now don’t misunderstand me, I like to strike up a great conversation as much as the next person, however not when I actually need our heating system or air conditioner fixed! But out of all of the rocks I have found our own piece of gold, the needle in the haystack. That is our hubby, he has always worked for a HVAC company, he only had a few great jobs, straight out of school, and then he went back to school and got his HVAC certification and got a job immediately as a heating and air conditioner serviceman and he has been there ever since. Now he has been working there for about multiple years now and I am fortunate enough to have married him, he is the perfect HVAC tech, the perfect man, and because he is great friends with the boss, every one of us normally get some actually nice heating and air conditioner discounts on our own heating and Never again do I have to worry about a broken heating system or air conditioner unit, and to make it even better every one of us even replaced to a smart control unit.



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