Enterprise center for my charity event

I wanted to host a charity event plus hold it in a giant enough venue.

I had bands hired to come play for free.

I had vendors serving food, drinks plus even local artists that would sell crafts. All the profits were going to a charity that was a nice cause; The issue I had was finding the right venue to host such a giant group of people. I needed someplace that could serve as a stage for the bands plus have seating around it. I also needed areas that could be compatible with food plus drink vendors, however my local artists needed someplace to go that wasn’t in a lavatory. I started looking at ice rinks, soccer fields plus other sporting centers. I then found through a lot of googling that there are enterprise centers to rent in my area. The a single corporation I found does a lot of commercial spaces. They have commercial offices, corporation development centers plus enterprise centers for rent in Northland. I ended up getting a entirely nice deal at the enterprise center for my charity event. They knocked 20% off the cost as long as I stated where I rented the facility from. It was no giant deal adding their names to the signs for the charity event. I didn’t mind giving them a shout out since the price reduction entirely helped our take loft profit. The event ended up being a success. The layout of the building was perfect for everything that I had booked. There was more than enough room for everyone to mingle.

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