I play sports for workouts

In school, for seniors, you can do normal gym class or do conditioning.

Conditioning is where you go to the weight room everyday.

You can hop on a treadmill, use the fitness machines or do some weightlifting. I seriously thought about it since I really wanted to be lazy for a period a day. I then decided that I liked trying the new sports better and stuck to gym. I am thankful because I never realized how good of a workout you can get from different sports. My last year of highschool was pretty eye opening. I ended up trying really hard no matter the sport that was offered. I liked playing tennis because the cardio work out was intense. Volleyball was amazing since you are always in a crouch position. My legs would kill after that class. I even enjoyed playing football because it was a good arm workout. Now as an adult, I do different sports as a work out. Frequently I will call a friend up to play tennis. Sometimes on my own I will kick a soccer ball around to get a good cardio workout in. I am a part of my office baseball league and frequently do pick up basketball games in my town. I prefer doing this than going to a gym. It is so boring lifting free weights or running on a treadmill. Playing a sport tricks you into being physically fit. I also get a more balanced workout since most sports use more than one muscle. I also am more likely to stretch when I do a sport.

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